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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
Tenth place Goes to the Guardian. You may think the lamest joke is a pun, but even lamer is a headline for an article about puns, where the headline features a pun in which the pun includes the word "Pun":

10. Gluttons for Pun-ishment

(If this made you go "ugh..." I promise, it will get better...)

Only slightly better than a lame pun like number 10, is an easy pun. One that where you to have heard it, you would figure you had only misheard. Thus, the ninth pun goes to:

9. Much Ado About Muffin at BA
Eight goes to the Daily Telegraph, who tried just a little harder with:

8. Burning Ring of Fire Destroys Johnny Cash's Home

Seventh goes to the New York Post, who have a long earned a reputation as the Paper of Puns. You gotta appreciate them going for the pun, and then feeling it wasn't sufficient, and going for it again.

7. Iron Man Steels The Screen - Sure Hit Is Weld Done

Sixth place goes to the unintentional pun. They are often quite funny, particularly when they go uncorrected. Take a recent headline from the presidential race:

6. Obama Taps Biden

Fifth place goes to the New York Daily News, which in 1980 reported about the city's subway system with the title:

5. Sick Transit's Glorious Monday 1

Fourth place goes to The Toronto Star, a paper which is using more and more puns lately - some which have even gotten a little offensive to some. The following is not a story, but a scolding letter to the editor regarding a disrespectful pun. The editor, it seems, couldn't help but put a pun in the letter's headline:

4. Headline pun crossed line

Third place goes to a headline I've seen a couple of times now. It's simple, it's witty, but if you're not looking you may just miss it...

3. Mumps Outbreak Swells Across Midwest

And the runner up:

This one is about a man in Taiwan who stole a member of parliament's whig:
2. Man Who Snatched Wig Will Have Toupee

But being that puns are tasteless, the cake must go to the one with the least amount of taste to it...

1. Ike Beats Tina Turner To Death

I admit, I had to read it 4 times before getting it...

Bonus Headline! (That's right, 11 headlines for the price of 10...)

This one doesn't contain a pun at all. Infact, it's the antithesis to headline puns. But it's an interesting read about why puns, and more creative headlines, don't always do so well with bots that crawl the web for news stories (like Google's)...

This Boring Headline Is Written for Google

I guess you can't blame the Express News editor, when he decided to ban all puns in headlines.

Read about it here: Bob Richter: Pardon the puns: E-N headline writers told to play it straight



Leave it to the NYPost to take the #1 Spot. Their headline actually made me feel icky inside. I bet the journalist was thinking "It's so good how can I not put it in?"



I'd like to subtly point out that your headline is the very same type of headline pun you describe as #10.



i believe these puns are making a comeback.

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