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Continue Reading at: /mobileappbuilder/2016/06/29/Mobile_apps_builder_%c3%a2%c2%80%c2%93_Mistakes_to_avoid2016-06-29 08:15:59/mobileappbuilder/2016/06/29/Mobile_apps_builder_%c3%a2%c2%80%c2%93_Mistakes_to_avoidHow crucial it is to develop an iOS App for any Business?/iosdevelopment/2016/06/10/How_crucial_it_is_to_develop_an_iOS_App_for_any_Business%3FiPhone devices in the present day are undeniably crucial in the daily routine of millions of people around the universe. In fact, iPhone devices have now modified the way businesses should work. There is an abundance of businesses out there that a... Continue Reading at: /iosdevelopment/2016/06/10/How_crucial_it_is_to_develop_an_iOS_App_for_any_Business%3F2016-06-10 08:23:43/iosdevelopment/2016/06/10/How_crucial_it_is_to_develop_an_iOS_App_for_any_Business%3FMagento Expansions - Extremely Developed E-Commerce Solution/xjmagento/2015/12/09/Magento_Expansions_-_Extremely_Developed_E-Commerce_SolutionEcommerce is fast ending up being a should in all types of businesses today. There are numerous software application that could make this feasible, but one of the most effective options are software application like those provided by Magento Exten... Continue Reading at: /xjmagento/2015/12/09/Magento_Expansions_-_Extremely_Developed_E-Commerce_Solution2015-12-09 06:28:29/xjmagento/2015/12/09/Magento_Expansions_-_Extremely_Developed_E-Commerce_SolutionTutoring at home Chicago it's simply and you can afford it./frogtutoring/2012/07/17/Tutoring_at_home_Chicago_it%27s_simply_and_you_can_afford_it.%c2%85offers scholars the contrivances they have to to be a success in each and every one acts of their bookish careers. We make to order increase graph to the needs of each student, after that we are certain to make sure that each scholar get their su... Continue Reading at: /frogtutoring/2012/07/17/Tutoring_at_home_Chicago_it%27s_simply_and_you_can_afford_it.%c2%852012-07-17 08:10:02/frogtutoring/2012/07/17/Tutoring_at_home_Chicago_it%27s_simply_and_you_can_afford_it.%c2%85Your students are not Children/Jackson/2009/12/28/Your_students_are_not_ChildrenFrom: How to teach Naked (Jackson, Future Publication) Your Student’s are not Children! Your students are not children! Children are willful, uncontrollable, rampantly creative and smelly. Your students, on the other hand, are willful, u... Continue Reading at: /Jackson/2009/12/28/Your_students_are_not_Children2009-12-28 22:46:13/Jackson/2009/12/28/Your_students_are_not_ChildrenAssesment and Evaluation (From TWBiA)/Jackson/2009/06/01/Assesment_and_Evaluation_%28From_TWBiA%29A review of a chapter on Assessment of Students from "This we Believe: in Action" (2005, NMSA) >>> Assessment and Evaluation to promote Quality Learning This We Believe: in Action (TWBiA) Introduction Assessment: The evalua... Continue Reading at: /Jackson/2009/06/01/Assesment_and_Evaluation_%28From_TWBiA%292009-06-01 15:35:44/Jackson/2009/06/01/Assesment_and_Evaluation_%28From_TWBiA%29Brainwashing Yourself/Lilian/2009/03/09/Brainwashing_YourselfI am sure that many of you are aware of the placebo effect. When given an inert substance under the guise of treatment, patients often recover from their illnesses in a remarkable show of "mind over matter". Similarly, the 'nocebo effect' is provo... Continue Reading at: /Lilian/2009/03/09/Brainwashing_Yourself2009-03-09 02:35:54/Lilian/2009/03/09/Brainwashing_Yourself100 Year Old Light Bulb/Lilian/2009/03/01/100_Year_Old_Light_BulbToday you'll find a remarkable light bulb burning bright at a fire station in Livermore, California. It hasn't been turned off since 1901. The Guinness Book of World Records, Ripley's Believe It Or Not and General Electric agree the bulb, of un... Continue Reading at: /Lilian/2009/03/01/100_Year_Old_Light_Bulb2009-03-01 21:42:16/Lilian/2009/03/01/100_Year_Old_Light_BulbTurn up the heat for a hot date/porcelainkitty/2009/02/22/Turn_up_the_heat_for_a_hot_dateA friend asked me for a quick tip from that she could use for her date that evening. I threw out a few ideas -- home-cooked-meal smells may be aphrodisiacs, for instance. But this was a first date, she said, and she wanted to be cool and casual.... Continue Reading at: /porcelainkitty/2009/02/22/Turn_up_the_heat_for_a_hot_date2009-02-22 15:37:52/porcelainkitty/2009/02/22/Turn_up_the_heat_for_a_hot_dateIs she really into you -- or everyone?/porcelainkitty/2009/02/10/Is_she_really_into_you_--_or_everyone%3FWhen a man meets a friendly woman, chances are good that he'll think she's into him, even when she isn't. (As discussed in this evolutionary bias is reversed in women ; in fact, we're more likely to think a man is just not all that into us. It's... Continue Reading at: /porcelainkitty/2009/02/10/Is_she_really_into_you_--_or_everyone%3F2009-02-10 20:38:42/porcelainkitty/2009/02/10/Is_she_really_into_you_--_or_everyone%3F