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Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2011/03/25/Some_euphemisms_to_watch_out_for_during_elections_and_war2011-03-25 22:06:43/Hogan/2011/03/25/Some_euphemisms_to_watch_out_for_during_elections_and_warSenator Obama Loses Presidency Due to Arugula Concern/alishahnovin/2009/02/12/Senator_Obama_Loses_Presidency_Due_to_Arugula_ConcernImagine, just imagine, if that headline appeared in papers around the world on November 5, 2008. Or imagine instead, if the headline had said: "Senator Obama Loses Election - Negative Sentiment Towards Bowling Skills Could not be Overcome." And ev... Continue Reading at: /alishahnovin/2009/02/12/Senator_Obama_Loses_Presidency_Due_to_Arugula_Concern2009-02-12 18:38:32/alishahnovin/2009/02/12/Senator_Obama_Loses_Presidency_Due_to_Arugula_ConcernThe Naked Truth of the Body Politic Revealed/claudia/2009/02/05/The_Naked_Truth_of_the_Body_Politic_RevealedPersonal image is one of the most useful tools for the modern politician. In our age where the media is saturated with images of major political figures, the visual stamp of a politician has become extremely important to a successful career. For e... Continue Reading at: /claudia/2009/02/05/The_Naked_Truth_of_the_Body_Politic_Revealed2009-02-05 20:20:29/claudia/2009/02/05/The_Naked_Truth_of_the_Body_Politic_Revealed"Joe the..."/alishahnovin/2009/02/05/%22Joe_the...%22First they called him, . Then they called him Now they're calling him . This "Joe of All Trades, Master of None" is, quite simply, Joe the Nobody. We're into the 16th minute of fame. Let's move on. The End. . Continue Reading at: /alishahnovin/2009/02/05/%22Joe_the...%222009-02-05 18:37:30/alishahnovin/2009/02/05/%22Joe_the...%22Charity: A Solution to, or Symptom of, Poverty?/Hogan/2009/01/06/Charity%3A_A_Solution_to%2C_or_Symptom_of%2C_Poverty%3FI don’t like giving money to poor people. I do give money to the poor, but I don’t like doing it. I don’t like having the power to choose who does and who doesn’t get my spare change. That’s not the sort of power I want. If it were up to... Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2009/01/06/Charity%3A_A_Solution_to%2C_or_Symptom_of%2C_Poverty%3F2009-01-06 17:18:32/Hogan/2009/01/06/Charity%3A_A_Solution_to%2C_or_Symptom_of%2C_Poverty%3FA Mouse, a Porn Star and a Frenchman Walk into a Bar/Kate/2009/01/04/A_Mouse%2C_a_Porn_Star_and_a_Frenchman_Walk_into_a_Baroriginally published December 2, 2008 The punchline? They form a viable coalition government. The seasoned barkeep drops a beer stein on his foot. And the country waits with mouths agape. I long for school on a regular basis. I miss classes... Continue Reading at: /Kate/2009/01/04/A_Mouse%2C_a_Porn_Star_and_a_Frenchman_Walk_into_a_Bar2009-01-04 18:18:58/Kate/2009/01/04/A_Mouse%2C_a_Porn_Star_and_a_Frenchman_Walk_into_a_BarBig Three Bailout - The Left Does Not Always Think Green/Salbandino/2008/12/08/Big_Three_Bailout_-_The_Left_Does_Not_Always_Think_GreenBesides the punctuated comic relief of watching CEOs of the big 3 automakers drive to congressional hearings and then hearing Richard Wagoner sum up the realization as, "We learned a lot..."; last week was a demoralizing period for even the most m... Continue Reading at: /Salbandino/2008/12/08/Big_Three_Bailout_-_The_Left_Does_Not_Always_Think_Green2008-12-08 02:02:49/Salbandino/2008/12/08/Big_Three_Bailout_-_The_Left_Does_Not_Always_Think_GreenIf Nothing In This World Is Free, Are We?/alishahnovin/2008/12/08/If_Nothing_In_This_World_Is_Free%2C_Are_We%3FDefine 'freedom' and you get a number of different answers all suitable for a college philosophy course. So with a term so tough to define - how do we know if we are experiencing it? The simple answer, of course, is making an analogue to love - bu... Continue Reading at: /alishahnovin/2008/12/08/If_Nothing_In_This_World_Is_Free%2C_Are_We%3F2008-12-08 00:55:37/alishahnovin/2008/12/08/If_Nothing_In_This_World_Is_Free%2C_Are_We%3FText "change" to OBAMA/bchidsey/2008/12/02/Text_%22change%22_to_OBAMASitting in a dorm room crowded by furniture, my roommate and I watched the television. The anchors started referring to Obama’s win, but we had not seen the facts yet. The giant ice skating rink had not yet been colored blue, reflecting electora... Continue Reading at: /bchidsey/2008/12/02/Text_%22change%22_to_OBAMA2008-12-02 13:09:53/bchidsey/2008/12/02/Text_%22change%22_to_OBAMAThe "End" of Globalization/Hogan/2008/11/25/The_%22End%22_of_GlobalizationSeeing that nobody has written anything here about the ongoing "global economic meltdown", as it's being called, I thought I'd offer some quick thoughts about it to, perhaps, get a ball rolling. By "end" I don't just mean "the ending" of someth... Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2008/11/25/The_%22End%22_of_Globalization2008-11-25 21:47:07/Hogan/2008/11/25/The_%22End%22_of_Globalization