WordArc: Site Blog/rss/blogRSS Feed for WordArc - Site Blogen-usTue, 12 July 2016 08:40:51 GMTTue, 12 July 2016 08:40:51 GMTWordArc RSS 2.0 GeneratorWordArc@wordarc.comWordArc@wordarc.comWordArc Anonimity/blog/2009/01/30/WordArc_AnonimityMatt Hogan has made an interesting article on WordArc about members who stay anonymous. he writes why he believes that members should be more open about who they are. WordArc encourages members to be open about who they are as we only ask for... Continue Reading at: /blog/2009/01/30/WordArc_Anonimity2009-01-30 20:17:15/blog/2009/01/30/WordArc_Anonimity"Suggestions" and something top secret.../blog/2008/12/07/%22Suggestions%22_and_something_top_secret...%c2%85You may notice - if you're registered user - a new feature that appears beneath articles called "SUGGESTIONS" This is a new feature in which users can provide suggestions to improve an article. They will be able to edit the entire body of the a... Continue Reading at: /blog/2008/12/07/%22Suggestions%22_and_something_top_secret...%c2%852008-12-07 15:47:36/blog/2008/12/07/%22Suggestions%22_and_something_top_secret...%c2%85New Category, Labs and more.../blog/2008/11/18/New_Category%2C_Labs_and_more...%c2%85Wordology, RTDDS have been moved into our new section: The LABS section. The Labs section is a better section for these two as they are a little different than the actual site. In some cases they will touch the actual content of the site... wait f... Continue Reading at: /blog/2008/11/18/New_Category%2C_Labs_and_more...%c2%852008-11-18 00:46:20/blog/2008/11/18/New_Category%2C_Labs_and_more...%c2%85Notifications, Polls and more.../blog/2008/09/20/Notifications%2C_Polls_and_more...%c2%85We've recently added notifications to the site. This is a quick list of things that have occurred on the site, which affect you: New friends, new fans, comments, an entry being arc'd, etc. This should allow for quick access to all the sections tha... Continue Reading at: /blog/2008/09/20/Notifications%2C_Polls_and_more...%c2%852008-09-20 19:27:35/blog/2008/09/20/Notifications%2C_Polls_and_more...%c2%85A Subtle Hint of Things to Come.../blog/2008/09/02/A_Subtle_Hint_of_Things_to_Come...%c2%85We're always very busy here at WordArc, and if you've been watching closely, you've seen some new updates make their way on to the site, in a state of perpetual growth. Some recent updates we've added: Weekly podcasts, we're calling WordArc... Continue Reading at: /blog/2008/09/02/A_Subtle_Hint_of_Things_to_Come...%c2%852008-09-02 14:33:06/blog/2008/09/02/A_Subtle_Hint_of_Things_to_Come...%c2%85Service Pack 1/blog/2008/07/21/Service_Pack_1That's what I'm calling it. Service Pack 1. What is service pack 1, you ask? Mighty good question. Service Pack one will feature some pretty big fixes, and new features. The fixes are mostly with the core of the system - things that really n... Continue Reading at: /blog/2008/07/21/Service_Pack_12008-07-21 12:17:37/blog/2008/07/21/Service_Pack_1The Alpha Wonders/blog/2008/07/16/The_Alpha_WondersThe wonders about being in alpha mode is you learn a lot of things. Most obviously, you learn what works, and more importantly - what doesn't work. But other than that, you learn about your assumptions. As you start interacting with the system, no... Continue Reading at: /blog/2008/07/16/The_Alpha_Wonders2008-07-16 20:34:50/blog/2008/07/16/The_Alpha_WondersWe're Live!/blog/2008/07/15/We%27re_Live%21Yes. We've finally gone live - somewhat. We're currently in Alpha - we've got the site up, with all the code functioning end-to-end. There's a bunch of changes and fixes that need to be made - including some cross-browser compatability. When that... Continue Reading at: /blog/2008/07/15/We%27re_Live%212008-07-15 13:06:46/blog/2008/07/15/We%27re_Live%21Why so quiet?/blog/2008/07/05/Why_so_quiet%3FI bet you're wondering about all the silence, and lack of visible activity, no? Well, we've been working offline, putting the site together, and soon...we're talking in the coming days, we're going to launch. Stay tuned! Continue Reading at: /blog/2008/07/05/Why_so_quiet%3F2008-07-05 15:51:44/blog/2008/07/05/Why_so_quiet%3FMore complete.../blog/2008/04/22/More_complete...%c2%85So more is done...much more. Well, a bit more. The "articles" page is done (roughly) - where you can view all the articles you've written to date, how many views they've gotten, etc etc. You can delete them, edit them, and basically do whatever... Continue Reading at: /blog/2008/04/22/More_complete...%c2%852008-04-22 21:43:26/blog/2008/04/22/More_complete...%c2%85