WordArc: PhilWalker's Articles/rss/PhilWalkerRSS Feed for WordArc: PhilWalker's Articlesen-usThu, 27 October 2016 05:35:47 GMTThu, 27 October 2016 05:35:47 GMTWordArc RSS 2.0 GeneratorWordArc@wordarc.comWordArc@wordarc.comRe: Google Shows Microsoft How to Connect the Dots/PhilWalker/2008/12/05/Re%3A_Google_Shows_Microsoft_How_to_Connect_the_DotsI came across an article about Google using Goog411 in order to develop a strong speech to text algorithm in order to make YouTube videos searchable. This was in lieu of a comment Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer had made about Google's mobile phone pro... Continue Reading at: /PhilWalker/2008/12/05/Re%3A_Google_Shows_Microsoft_How_to_Connect_the_Dots2008-12-05 17:51:26/PhilWalker/2008/12/05/Re%3A_Google_Shows_Microsoft_How_to_Connect_the_Dots10 Worst Sarah Palin Puns Heard Around the Water Cooler/PhilWalker/2008/10/13/10_Worst_Sarah_Palin_Puns_Heard_Around_the_Water_CoolerI work with a lot of people who need to get out more. Our best times... or rather, their best times, are around the water cooler, exchanging quips, puns, and anecdotes. Lately, I've been hearing some pretty lame ones about Gov. Palin... or maybe I... Continue Reading at: /PhilWalker/2008/10/13/10_Worst_Sarah_Palin_Puns_Heard_Around_the_Water_Cooler2008-10-13 20:06:34/PhilWalker/2008/10/13/10_Worst_Sarah_Palin_Puns_Heard_Around_the_Water_CoolerCoining the Phrase: Freudian Correction/PhilWalker/2008/10/13/Coining_the_Phrase%3A_Freudian_CorrectionFreudian slips, oft they have been my demise. That slip of the tongue that lets the listener know my true intent, an intention of which I seldomly knew of myself - only realizing it at that moment. They used to happen rarely, though lately I'm fin... Continue Reading at: /PhilWalker/2008/10/13/Coining_the_Phrase%3A_Freudian_Correction2008-10-13 17:26:17/PhilWalker/2008/10/13/Coining_the_Phrase%3A_Freudian_CorrectionWhy I Love Negative Political Ads/PhilWalker/2008/10/08/Why_I_Love_Negative_Political_AdsFor the sake of the following arguments, I'm only going to consider Anarchists as the polar opposite to Facists - or in looser terms, those who want no governing, to those who want complete governing. Within these extremes falls socialism, liberal... Continue Reading at: /PhilWalker/2008/10/08/Why_I_Love_Negative_Political_Ads2008-10-08 16:23:55/PhilWalker/2008/10/08/Why_I_Love_Negative_Political_Ads7 Scientific Theories That Are Used Incorrectly/PhilWalker/2008/10/02/7_Scientific_Theories_That_Are_Used_IncorrectlyAs I thought up this list, I came up with many many many more examples in my head of ones that were wrong. Many of which are due to Hollywood movies. So while this list may feature a lot from Hollywood, it's not restricted to that. It's really jus... Continue Reading at: /PhilWalker/2008/10/02/7_Scientific_Theories_That_Are_Used_Incorrectly2008-10-02 18:24:00/PhilWalker/2008/10/02/7_Scientific_Theories_That_Are_Used_IncorrectlyI Saw The Sign, and it Opened Up My Eyes/PhilWalker/2008/09/23/I_Saw_The_Sign%2C_and_it_Opened_Up_My_EyesToday I saw a sign - one which offered me the answers to all my questions, to teach me all that I had longed to learn. It was a sign which offered adventure to the adventurous, a sign which - unless I misinterpreted it, offered a sight at this wor... Continue Reading at: /PhilWalker/2008/09/23/I_Saw_The_Sign%2C_and_it_Opened_Up_My_Eyes2008-09-23 00:35:48/PhilWalker/2008/09/23/I_Saw_The_Sign%2C_and_it_Opened_Up_My_EyesWhat if Apple Branched Outside Technology?/PhilWalker/2008/09/18/What_if_Apple_Branched_Outside_Technology%3FI'm a PC guy. Not a Macguy. I use Windows. I have a Creative Zen mp3 player. I hate the Mac guy in those ads, and I don't have posters of Steve Jobs (but I do wear black turtlenecks). Don't get me wrong - I'm not a die hard PC guy who wears PC stu... Continue Reading at: /PhilWalker/2008/09/18/What_if_Apple_Branched_Outside_Technology%3F2008-09-18 14:33:04/PhilWalker/2008/09/18/What_if_Apple_Branched_Outside_Technology%3FThe Internet's Role in Movies and Music/PhilWalker/2008/09/16/The_Internet%27s_Role_in_Movies_and_MusicIf there was one moment when the internet community defined the media - when it journalism - it was the day Dan Rather was put to shame by bloggers. And the world took notice. There was another moment in more recent history, in which the internet... Continue Reading at: /PhilWalker/2008/09/16/The_Internet%27s_Role_in_Movies_and_Music2008-09-16 20:43:31/PhilWalker/2008/09/16/The_Internet%27s_Role_in_Movies_and_MusicInnovating on What You Thought Couldn't Get Better/PhilWalker/2008/09/11/Innovating_on_What_You_Thought_Couldn%27t_Get_BetterThere are many things we use in our day to day lives that go unnoticed. Tools which we passed off long ago as having reached the pinnacle of their own quality - something that could not, and would not ever get any better. Yet they do get better, a... Continue Reading at: /PhilWalker/2008/09/11/Innovating_on_What_You_Thought_Couldn%27t_Get_Better2008-09-11 14:39:12/PhilWalker/2008/09/11/Innovating_on_What_You_Thought_Couldn%27t_Get_BetterLeaving the Door Open Will Let Burglars In/PhilWalker/2008/09/10/Leaving_the_Door_Open_Will_Let_Burglars_InPerhaps it's an obvious statement, but when you leave a door open, a burglar is will walk in. What do I mean by that? Take the internet, which has - up until recently - been an open door. There's been little monitoring in terms of bandwidth usage,... Continue Reading at: /PhilWalker/2008/09/10/Leaving_the_Door_Open_Will_Let_Burglars_In2008-09-10 15:12:41/PhilWalker/2008/09/10/Leaving_the_Door_Open_Will_Let_Burglars_In