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Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2011/07/31/White_guilt%2C_Western_Self-Hatred%2C_and_Civilizational_Suicide2011-07-31 20:11:28/Hogan/2011/07/31/White_guilt%2C_Western_Self-Hatred%2C_and_Civilizational_SuicideHarper's Dreams, Our Nightmares/Hogan/2011/07/04/Harper%27s_Dreams%2C_Our_NightmaresOn the suggestion from Margaret Atwood, who wrote in her 2008 Massey Lectures, Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth, "Since politicians, at least in the English-speaking West, are showing an increasing tendency to drag religion into politic... Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2011/07/04/Harper%27s_Dreams%2C_Our_Nightmares2011-07-04 01:45:27/Hogan/2011/07/04/Harper%27s_Dreams%2C_Our_NightmaresNot So Bad Religion/Hogan/2011/05/29/Not_So_Bad_ReligionReligion gets a bad rap nowadays, and not without good reason. Human sacrifice, circumcision, oppression of women, the caste system, the Crusades, the Inquisition, witch hunts, honour killings, stoning, gunning down abortionists, opposing condom u... Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2011/05/29/Not_So_Bad_Religion2011-05-29 15:15:22/Hogan/2011/05/29/Not_So_Bad_ReligionYes Means No: Feminism or Fantasy?/Hogan/2011/05/02/Yes_Means_No%3A_Feminism_or_Fantasy%3FI don’t flirt with girls, I offend them. Or maybe that’s just my way of flirting. I think if someone is offended by what I say, then they’re not worth my attention. Which is just as well, since they usually walk away from me. For example,... Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2011/05/02/Yes_Means_No%3A_Feminism_or_Fantasy%3F2011-05-02 14:04:01/Hogan/2011/05/02/Yes_Means_No%3A_Feminism_or_Fantasy%3FWhat a (real) Christian would say to Stephen Harper/Hogan/2011/04/14/What_a_%28real%29_Christian_would_say_to_Stephen_HarperIn the debates, wouldn't it have been neat if someone had said to Harper: "Stephen, you are wrapped in the devil's arms. You are the blind leading the blind. You read the Bible, don't you? You don't read it enough. Yes, I'm attacking you. A... Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2011/04/14/What_a_%28real%29_Christian_would_say_to_Stephen_Harper2011-04-14 21:11:53/Hogan/2011/04/14/What_a_%28real%29_Christian_would_say_to_Stephen_HarperSome euphemisms to watch out for during elections and war/Hogan/2011/03/25/Some_euphemisms_to_watch_out_for_during_elections_and_warThe first casualty of war, it's been said, is the truth. The same goes, you could say, for elections. Here are some brief examples of war and election euphemisms that you've probably been hearing: Coalition with the Bloc and NDP = the exact s... Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2011/03/25/Some_euphemisms_to_watch_out_for_during_elections_and_war2011-03-25 22:06:43/Hogan/2011/03/25/Some_euphemisms_to_watch_out_for_during_elections_and_warStudents are Stupid/Hogan/2010/05/01/Students_are_StupidI may be extrapolating a little too much from Scott's article, but sometimes students are pretty stupid. And not just the young ones. University students have less of an excuse for their stupidity, but that doesn't stop the most "progressive" of t... Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2010/05/01/Students_are_Stupid2010-05-01 17:09:20/Hogan/2010/05/01/Students_are_StupidUtopia?: A World without the Olympics (and other things)/Hogan/2010/02/17/Utopia%3F%3A_A_World_without_the_Olympics_%28and_other_things%29According to one reporter, the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games are threatening to become . Others have called them the "glitch games". Whether or not these are the worst Olympic games ever (and how could one judge?), I'm fairly certain that the world... Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2010/02/17/Utopia%3F%3A_A_World_without_the_Olympics_%28and_other_things%292010-02-17 18:45:21/Hogan/2010/02/17/Utopia%3F%3A_A_World_without_the_Olympics_%28and_other_things%29Getting away with murder (well, potential murder)/Hogan/2009/07/23/Getting_away_with_murder_%28well%2C_potential_murder%29Ever smuggled things on to airplanes? Dangerous and illegal things? I have. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. Here are some examples: Years ago, on purpose, some weed. A couple times. In my checked bags. Not a problem. Another time, not o... Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2009/07/23/Getting_away_with_murder_%28well%2C_potential_murder%292009-07-23 02:38:41/Hogan/2009/07/23/Getting_away_with_murder_%28well%2C_potential_murder%29Oh, Men/Hogan/2009/06/16/Oh%2C_MenIt’s the dark corner of the bar and I’m sitting on a black sofa across from my girlfriend Sylvia who’s on the other black sofa, texting somebody, probably Brandon, who hasn’t called her in a week and she’s pissed. We’re trying to stay... Continue Reading at: /Hogan/2009/06/16/Oh%2C_Men2009-06-16 07:13:51/Hogan/2009/06/16/Oh%2C_Men