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MONDAY, JULY 11, 2016
So I am currently working on a Burlesque show called the Littletramp Cafe. Well, it isn't actually a Burlesque, it is a show about a Burlesque. Its kind of like a book about books. Still a book, technically, but is it a book? Actually, think of it as a critical book about fiction. It is still a book, but ti isn't fiction. There will, of course, be a lot of references to fiction. So I suppose I am doing a Burlesqueish show.

Now, my actual point. The show I am doing does involve stripping. Because of this it has had phenomenal pre-ticket sales. I am amazed, for sure, but I am also a little disappointed. I produced theater for five years and never had sales as big as these - and I received good reviews, etc... I am wondering why the promise of nudity is so much better at marketing theater than the promise of good theater.

People should be able to, by all rights, get as much sex and nudity as they can handle in our modern world. Strip clubs, dating services, even just showing up at a night club not dressed as a douche-bag practically guarantees a night of thrills. Actually, just having the balls (or fun-bags) to ask out a cute co-worker out would alleviate most of North America's unfounded giddiness at sex.

I want to be clear here - I LIKE SEX ALOT! Sex is fun and free and safe and sexy! Everyone should do it as much as possible. But why does sex step beyond moments of sexuality and pervade our whole culture? Why do half naked women sell jeans. Even if it is true that seeing a half naked woman turns you and I on, why does it make us want those jeans? Even if I believed that buying those jeans would entitle me to sex with that woman, why does this motivate me? Sex is cheaper than pair of jeans; sex is also wonderful with anyone who is also excited about it. Another thing that most people forget is that there are far more sexy people in the world than the media lets on... We are all pretty damn sexy

So my show - sex appeal selling tickets? I guess that is fair, but: is it so unfair that I secretly want to see our audience strip back for me in return for a good show? This is an unfinished thought: I'll be back!!!



I agree, Jackson: We're all pretty damn sexy. And we should all go out to see more theatre. Even nudity-free theatre.



Well, you are a pretty sight, but then acknowledging that just demonstrated my susceptibility to aesthetics... DAMN!

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