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So are you still speeding too much time in looking for a suitable typing app for your kids. Now I highly recommend Typing Class to you for it is one of the most useful typing games for kids I have ever played.

As an education game, typing Class of course is educative. However, it is not only educative but also entertaining. There are four different games with thrilling levels which is challenging and engaging. For example, in the game of Defense, your kids need to protect city by typing corresponding letter of bomb before it reaches building. If you failed the bomb will drop on the building and the building will get fired. And in the game of shoot, your kids have to shoot enemy by typing corresponding letter of enemy, if they don't react quickly the enemy will shoot you and the game will over.

And there are also practice in "Practice Words" and "Practice" modes. You can have typing exercises here. All of these will definitely bring great fun for your kids. Typing class helps your kids to learn typing very quickly with fun filled games to complement the learning activity and makes your kids more productive.

typing games for kids

So what are you waiting for? Just download it for your kids. Both you and your kids will benefit from this wonderful kids typing games. Okay,you'll be able to are aware of the result now. This post originated from the games for kids website-,please indicate the original source if retweet,thanks significantly!

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