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I have speed a lot of time on finding a perfect learning games for kids may three years' old nephew until I see ABC 123 Blocks. ABC 123 Blocks is Playtend's (a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families) another wonderful learning games tool for toddlers.

And ABC 123 Blocks is very popular among young parents. So many little kids loves this app and learn the letter, art quickly. In this app, kids can learn counting, numbers, colors, art, music, shapes, matching, and ABCs through four types of games: ABCs, 123s, Music and Animal Matching. In ABCs, kids can flip through the letters of the alphabet and match them with images of animals below. In 123s, kids can tap to count numbers, hear them pronounced and see animations illustrating the numbers while they are counting. In Music, kids can play a mini piano and experiment with composing their own songs. In Animal Matching, kids can practice matching skills with an animal shapes puzzle.

The little flaw of this app is that he game selection may be a little difficult for kids to select because they need to drag and drop the game icon to the center play area on the screen to play the game. Besides of this, ABC 123 Blocks is still a useful education app that kids cannot miss. Okay,you'll be able to are aware of the result now about kids learning games. This post originated from the games for kids website-,please indicate the original source if retweet,thanks significantly!

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