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A famous educator said: "A child is born a good move, based on the game of life." Indeed, the game as if life is so important for infants and young children of the baby, the game is the most basic of their lives, favorite activities. , The learnig games for kidsTitle is a very important role in the growth process of the baby.

1, the game is on the value of the intellectual development of the baby:
The game can promote baby perception, observation of the development. Game so that the baby in direct contact with the toys and all kinds of materials, through the development of specific operating activities of the various organs of sense perception ability, and hands-on skills and the ability to observe.

The game can also promote the baby memory capacity development. Reflect events experienced baby tends to repeat itself in the game, so as to enhance the understanding of the knowledge, play a role in consolidating memories; role of needs, the baby must consciously and actively, a destination to remember some games Rules or recalling the events of the plot, so that the development of the memory of baby intentional.

The game can also promote the development of the baby thinking ability. Baby in a series of activities to determine the theme of the game, the idea of ??the plot, assign roles, the production of "props", always in positive thinking, and continue to solve the problem, so get exercise and improve thinking ability.

The same time, the game is on the promotion of baby imagination, creative development has a positive effect. The game's plot, action are not fixed pattern. In role-playing games, the baby can think of myself into another person, and can continue to transform the identity. The illusion of this game for your baby's imagination provides a vast world, a great deal of development of their creativity.

The game makes the baby more opportunities to talk between each other, because the majority of the game is not the baby alone to play, and the need for cooperation and exchanges. The whole process of the game, the baby should use the language to exchange ideas, to discuss the way favor baby verbal ability.

2, game culture baby personalized value:
The baby game by participating in the group, you can learn how to get along with others, how to cooperate with others, thereby enhancing the baby's social skills and self-control. Self-conscious one-child play together, will inevitably lead to some conflicts and disputes, but only through this experience in order to promote the improvement of baby's social, learn self-restraint, learn to listen to others' suggestions, the baby can develop cheerful optimism character and spirit of good collaboration. These qualities the future for the baby to school, until you grow up to go to work, into the community are very important.

3, the game of the value of the baby character education:
The game is one of the baby moral quality education is extremely important. Game baby can recognize the basic truth, goodness, beauty and false, evil, ugly. Baby in the game, for example, are often able to identify the good guys and bad guys, and this will let them know how to own if you want to be the good guys in the game, you must ask yourself with a disloyal, disciplined, honest, brave, strong, excellent quality, and efforts meet these requirements in the game, this prestige, partner in the game. Can take advantage of the baby like a game of psychological characteristics, inspired and correct some of the bad behavior of the baby in the game, play a multiplier effect of education.

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