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WordArc is a website that focuses on highlighting quality writing by having writers democratically criticizing each other's writing. Through responses and voting writers are able to quantify how much a piece of work is appreciated. To ensure quality writing the topics are geared towards academia, from Science to the Arts. However, the style of writing can range from essays to poetry.

Getting Started

Registration is as simple as we could have made it. Simply click on “Register” in the top-right side of the page and fill in your name, password, email and any extra details then confirm the email. If you have any problems with the process then please email us at [email protected]

A login will appear at the top of the screen or when you try to submit work to WordArc. If you are the sole user of the computer it may be helpful to click the checkbox “Remember me” to save your login status with WordArc. If you forgot your password simply kick Forgot Password and fill in one of the two requirements to identify you.

Account/Profile Settings

You may change any of your profile settings by clicking on the control panel on the right hand of the screen. You may also change your details and chose what details to reveal or not to fans of your writing.

Every user has a profile page that displays their writings exclusively. The profile of any user is at the address:


Messaging members:
To email a member you can go to their profile and click to send them a message. Or simply type their name in the TO: field after you hit “Compose” message. You may email and member. Regardless of whether you email or not, no other member may become your friend without your explicit choice.

Displaying messages:
Because messages can only be sent and received by WordArc members, messages are displayed as continuous conversations for convenience rather than as broken pieces. Subjects are not easily accessible to help keep the flow of conversation.

Posting Articles:

Starting the article:
Without articles there'd be no WordArc, so we made posting articles as simple as possible. At all times there's a large “Post Your Entry” button at the top of the page. Simply click it and fill your post with an appropriate title and subject.

Selecting Category:
The first thing you should do before writing your content is choosing which category you'll be writing to. The location for entering categories is at the top of the post-area.

Formatting text:
To format your text, certain simple codes have been provided to the user. For example, to put text in italics the author can use square brackets around the letter “i” to look like this: [i] then the text following this code will be italicized until the author ends the italics with a backslash “i” and ends up looking like this: [/i] end-code.

Attaching images:
To attach an image to the article simply click the attach button and upload the desired amount of photos. The larger and more photos you attach the longer the upload time will be so it be best to upload images that have are an appropriate size. The first image you upload will be the image that represents your article. If no image is uploaded then a default image for the article will be provided.

Embedding videos:
Third-party videos may be inserted anywhere in an entry. The videos must be from YouTube and can be embeded by placing the YouTube video link like so:

[youtube url=""]

Referencing work:
For entries to maintain quality and integrity, WordArc encourages referencing sources of information. Simply, enter within the square brackets the author/title/publisher of the works where it's indicated to do so and it will appear as a footnote.

For example:

[author="John Smith"title="The Title"]

For convenience we based the citations off MLA-style citations for websites (we excluded some MLA-formattings to remove redundancies).

RSS and Sharing your work with the world.

The profile of any user will have the address:

If you'd like to share your work as an RSS feed then use this URL:


To access the RSS of the rest of the site, members have several options:

/rss/category - All items from 1 category


/rss/all - All new items


/rss/all/min_rating - All items that are above a minimum rating, as selected by you


/rss/username/category/min_rating - All items that are above a minimum rating, part of one category, and by one user


/rss/blog - The RSS of this site's blog.

Friends and Fans

While on WordArc you may develop both friendships and fans. If someone is a fan of your writing they can easily chose to become a fan and become alerted of any new writing by you without formally establishing contact. If you feel you want to establish constant contact you can make them your friend. The option to perform such actions is located in member's profiles.

While this type of networking may seem to be less intimate it allows for readers to simply be fans of many writers with ease. At the same time, the writing community has the potential of becoming one of the most personal social networks available. While sites like Facebook may ask members what they like to do, and Twitter may ask members when, WordArc is an outlet for members to discuss why certain interests are preferred.

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