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Spiders are a great anti-pest the number of house flies living with us was reduced radically by the influx of spiders in every house a fact for which we should grateful.

Still, there are many people who are averse to the thought of sharing a home with an eight legged friend or enemy, as the case may be and even there are some cases in which a spider should be eliminated or dealt with appropriately with the help of Pest Control Melbourne Company.

When is a spider not your friend?

Arachnophobia aside, there are a couple of case where you might want to get rid of a spider at home or spider population. For the most part, these are species specific.

- Black widow spiders are feared by many due to their violent personality and their bite. They try to avoid humans, however, and their bite is not quite as terrible as legend would have us believe unless you are sensitive to, it is roughly equal to a bad wasp sting.

- Brown recluse spiders are another “dangerous” spider species. Again, they are reclusive, and the harmful effect of their toxins is greatly exaggerated by arachnophobia.

- Aggressive house spiders are pretty ordinary, and do bite, and the bite can be painful.

Dealing with these spiders

Spiders are hard to deal with as pests because they are not large enough to trap, like rodents, and do not tend to colonize as most insect pests will. Instead you have to find them, and then the best way to deal with them is a weapon of some kind depending on how afraid you are of the arachnid.

You can also try regular cleaning, and that includes sweeping or vacuuming out corners of your house where you see spider webs. If you are being bitten while you sleep, change your sheets and covers regularly.

If you do live in an area where black widows or brown recluses are known to inhabit, be sure to take precautionary measures when working outside. These spiders are very common in wood piles, as well as piles of leaves or other detritus.

Finally, when you are working outside, pay attention to areas of your yard and house where spiders might choose to make their home. Eaves troughs and porch dividers make great areas sheltered from predators like birds, and they are easy to sling webs from. Regular cleaning will prevent a spider from setting up shop.

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