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Carpet steam cleaning is a process that involves a spray-extraction tool, which releases a carpet cleaning solution. The carpet steam cleaning solution in the carpet steam cleaner is generally combined with hot water. Carpet steam cleaners have a pump-vacuum power unit, which allows the solution of hot water and carpet cleaner to be suctioned up from the carpet.

With carpet steam cleaning, the cleaning solution is released from the steam cleaner under pressure through water jet nozzles located underneath the carpet steam cleaner.

The mixture of water and carpet cleaning solution deeply penetrates the carpet fibers all the way to the primary backing of the carpet. The penetration of hot water and carpet cleaner loosens up any embedded oil, grease, stains and dirt in the carpet fibers.

Steam cleaning your carpet will even remove carpet stains that have set-in. Once the hot water and carpet cleaning solution mixture has been sprayed onto the carpet, it is immediately extracted. The powerful vacuum suction allows the carpet steam cleaner to suction up the hot water and carpet cleaning solution mixture along with any stains, oil and dirt in your carpet. Carpet steam cleaning is a great way to prolong the life and condition of your carpet.

There are many different types of carpet steam cleaners. Currently on the market, you can purchase carpet steam cleaners ranging from small portable models, to powerful truck mounted carpet steam cleaners.

Portable carpet steam cleaners can often be used to clean other fabric surfaces in your home like furniture. You can use a portable steam cleaner to spot clean stains around your home. In addition, you can purchase larger carpet steam cleaners to steam clean the entire surface of your carpet. Regular size carpet steam cleaners are designed for general home usage.

They are about the size, shape and weight or a vacuum cleaner. Typically, with a regular carpet steam cleaner, you will need to vacuum your carpet first.

When you have vacuumed your carpet, you can steam clean the entire carpet surface removing any deposited oil, stains and odors.

Truck mounted carpet steam cleaners are generally for professional Carpet Cleaning Canberra usage. In a truck mounted carpet steam cleaner, only the hose and wand can be taken into the building being cleaned. These types of carpet steam cleaners are very powerful and effective.
Typically, the truck mounted carpet steam cleaner is powered by diesel fuel gas, or the trucks motor. No matter what size carpet steam cleaner you decide to purchase, the principle is the same in each different model.

Although carpet steam cleaning is an effective way of removing unwanted substances from your carpet, it has its disadvantages. The major disadvantage to carpet steam cleaning is that it often has longer drying times than other carpet cleaning methods. When a carpet is steam cleaned, it will be a little moist. If you have the entire carpet surface (in your home) steam cleaned, this can be a big hassle.

You will have to wait until the carpet dries fully before you can walk barefoot. In addition, walking on the moist carpet can cause it to be re-soiled. Although carpet steam cleaning will take a while to dry, most carpet steam cleaners remove as much of the hot water and best carpet cleaning solutions as possible. The cleaning solution is suctioned up immediately after it is deposited.

The suction power of the carpet steam cleaning device will usually determine the amount of time it will take the carpet to dry. In addition, more slowly while steam cleaning your carpet will help to ensure that most of the hot water and carpet cleaning solution is suctioned up.

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