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Hiring a moving company can feel a little irresistible. Deciding whether to or not to hire moving companies is a question that puzzles all people on the move. Selecting the best moving company is not a simple task. Since, you want to be sure that your things are in safe hands until they reach your new home. Use following tips to find the best moving company and to get the best deal –

Do Your Research -
It is always better to research about at least 10 moving companies. You can do research online; research for their history, services, licenses, complaints, etc.

Questions You Should ask the Moving Company

Registration Number – Every moving company has a registration number, so ask for the registration number. If a company travels only within one state, then they may not be registered.

Rates –
Ask the company about their rates. Most moving companies provide a distance rate and a rate per pound. Do not hire a moving company, if the company is providing a rate based on cubic feet.

Estimates – Ask for the estimate, whether it is binding or non-binding estimates.

Binding Estimates – It means that the cost estimated by the moving company in the estimate is the sum you have to pay, even if your shipment weighs less or more than the estimated amount. It binds the moving company to this price.

Non-Binding Estimates – It is provided as an estimated cost of your move and does not bind your moving company to this price. Most of the time, your final cost will be more than the estimate.

Extra Charges – Some moving companies will charge extra for awkward items. The extra charges may include long carry charges, long haul charges, flight charges, etc.

Insurance – Ask a detailed question about insurance, Melbourne Removalists will provide insurance at an additional cost. Before you purchase more insurance, look into your house insurance to see if they offer extra coverage for moving.

Packing Services – Ask about the packing services, including charges.

Compare Budget –
Compare your own moving budget with the budget provided by the moving company, and choose the best.

Points to Remember

1. Don’t hire a company that only takes cash.
2. Don’t hire a company that refuses to provide an agreement.
3. Don’t hire a company that is not registered (if you are a long distance mover).
4. Don’t hire a company that has any exceptional complaints.
5. Don’t sign anything that you don’t understand.

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