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SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2019
Moving to the windy city or leaving it for another state? Work with a professional if you want the job done right. You will be more confident knowing that your property is being handled well and that they will reach their destination at a timely manner.

What moving companies offer - Typically, moving companies will offer a free estimate after knowing the distance and approximate weight of your goods. Their services will include loading, driving and unloading. If you want extra services like packing and unpacking, you will have to pay extra.

When you need the services of professional Removalists in Melbourne it would be best to shop around. Get estimates from at least 3 companies so you can compare services and prices. Talk to their representative or consultant and ask questions about their policies. Make sure you understand what your agreement will entail because once you sign it, it becomes binding.

Movers are either paid by the hour or through a flat fee, depending on the company. If you have a lot of boxes to load, it would be good to pay a flat fee. But if the number of moving boxes and stuff are not that many, you might be better off paying an hourly fee. Whichever method you choose, factor in the time of loading, distance and unloading and you can come up with the right choice.

You might also want to buy moving insurance, since your auto policy will not cover your goods while in transit. A truck insurance will only cover for the truck in case of an accident or damage so it would be best to buy a rider to protect your cargo.

What you can expect - The movers will pretty much do everything for you, but their service will only be as good as the information you provide. For example, they will not know the layout of your new neighbourhood or apartment complex. You will need to inform them about this so that once they arrive; they won’t have trouble going in and out with your stuff.

You might also have to find out if your present building has certain restrictions about movers and might allow only loading during certain hours or days in the week. Remember that delays can cost you. If the movers get delayed for one day, you will still pay for the extra day when they couldn’t do anything.

You will be charged for distance and possessions weight. Trucks are usually weighed empty in the moving company’s facilities or at truck stops. You will pay for the difference between the truck’s ‘empty weight’ and the final weight with your goods loaded.

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