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No matter how organized you are, moving day is a huge event. Just dealing with movers, boxes, unpacking and all the pesky details can really make the day exhausting. Here are various tips to create moving day as simple as expected.

Truthfully, moving day runs a lot smoother if you were already organized prior to the big event. Hopefully, you have created a big list of things to do and have been checking off important items during the weeks and days leading up to the event. Just being organized takes much of the pressure off you and eliminates extra stress. So be sure to make a moving checklist that includes everything from a packing schedule to shutting off utilities to changing your address and even little items like returning library books and picking up dry cleaning.

Charged cell phones are one of the most helpful items you possess on moving day. You can keep in communication with family and your moving company and don’t have to rely on landlines, which might be either disconnected at the old house or not yet connected at the new one. So make sure you charge all cell phones the night before, and don’t forget to put your chargers in your car in the morning. Many people simply leave them plugged into the wall and forget about them.

Moving day is kind of like camping

You might not have electricity or refrigeration or use of basic kitchen items. Instead of wasting precious time getting take-out breakfast, lunch and dinner, pack a cooler with drinks and food just like you would for a camping trip. They will be easily on hand whenever anyone is hungry or thirsty, which is especially important if you have children.

Pack a suitcase or backpack for each member of your family, filling it with three days worth of clothes and toiletries. Don’t forget to pack any medicines you might need, including pain relievers, antacids and perhaps a small first-aid kit. You also can pack personal items such as a book or MP3 player. Be sure to put the suitcases in your car the morning of the move.

If you have small children, consider asking friends of family to look after them or even paying a trusted babysitter to watch them on moving day. If this is not a possibility, be sure you have plenty for them to do. Consider packing a box with crayons, coloring books and other fun items, such as small toys or cars. If you have a portable DVD player, charge it up and bring along some DVDs. Be sure to charge hand-held game systems, as well, and bring those along. For a special treat, you can buy or rent a new game or DVD especially for moving day.

Whether you’re hiring Removalists Melbourne services or receiving a hand from buddies, be organized and have a plan to use each person’s time accurately. Being completely packed upon arrival understanding in which to direct special packing containers and furniture, and preserving a time table will make all of us efforts extra exciting.

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