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SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2016
10. Best "I don't know where we're going" Roadtrip Song

It's 9am. You were supposed to leave at 7am, but Jimmy took too long doing his hair. Finally, you're out on the road... though you're still in the residential area. You see the on-ramp to the innerstate, and you take it. The sun is in the cloudless sky, it's an otherwise cool and quiet morning. Adventure lays ahead. Jimmy says: "So where exactly are we going?" and you flip on...

9. Best "It's 2am and I'm feeling a drained after this long night" Song

It's 10:30pm, and you just had a frustrating argument with your girlfriend. You go off to hang out with your bestfriend. Your bestfriend is a little distracted, and you're not feeling altogether social yourself. Your friend is called to some party, and he tells you to come along, even though you don't really know the people there. The party is pretty dull, and your friend gets drunk and acts like a buffoon. He starts getting himself into trouble with some of the people at the party. You drag him out of the house and drive him home. Now it's 2am. There's a light misty rain. The streets are empty. It was a crummy night, and there's no point in even complaining about it. So you turn on...

8. Best "6am Practice on a Rainy Morning" Song

5:30am. You wake up feeling groggy - quite obviously. You debate whether you should shower before going to practice. You look out the window... it's rainy. The field will be muddy, and you'll be showering after practice anyway. You throw on your practice jersey, and chug a glass of water and you're out on the road a few minutes later under the gray, dreary, pouring rain. You need something to charge you up, get you ready for practice... There's only one song that makes sense:

7. Best "On Your Way to Da Clubz" Song

9:30pm. It's a little early for the club scene, but you figure you may as well get downtown early, park your car, and then walk to the clubs. Maybe you'll find a few clubs that have no cover before 11. Your buddies are in your car. The mixture of 4 different colognes is killing you. Jimmy is late again - always with the hair. The four of you are quiet, but there's a buzz of excitement in the cologne-infused air. Your friend is scanning your iPod for songs. He says "Dude, I haven't heard this song in a long time... How is this even on here?" and you say "Precisely for moments like these..." and you hit play:

6. Best "Inconvenient Pickup" Song

It's 11:48am. You're fast asleep. Your friend calls you. The bus never showed up, and they're standing in the middle of nowhere and they're going to be late for their appointment. Can you please-oh-please-oh-please pick them up? You mumble something that sounds like "Okay but you owe me..." and throw your jacket on, and head for your car. Your in your car, still partly asleep. You need some music to keep you awake. Nothing fast and heavy... that's too much. Nothing light and soft, that would put you back to sleep. What you need is...

5. Best "On My Way to a Summer Bonfire" Song

It's 7:45pm. The sun is starting to go down. The sky is pink, it's a hot summer night. You're driving down to the beach to have a bonfire with your pals. You told Jimmy to get a ride with someone else, because you didn't want the smell of his gel and cologne to ruin that sweet sweet summer air you have entering your car through your rolled down windows. You roll down the streets at a nice, slow, summer time pace. There's a car behind you who's getting frustrated because you're driving a little under the limit. You shrug... it's Summertime...

Equally acceptable is...

4. Best "She Just Dumped Me at a Restaurant and Now I Have to Awkwardly Drive Her Home" Song

Who cares what time it is, you're pissed off. Not only that, but she didn't even think of how she was going to get home. She didn't plan ahead. She could have phoned a friend, but as you walked to your car, she followed as if it were implied that you'd still be driving her home. How can you drive the message home?

3. Best "Jimmy's Annoying Girlfriend Asks 'Can You Play Something By Britney Spears?'" Song

You say no, and play...

2. Best "I'm Finally Dating Again, and Want To Impress Her With My Music" Song

It's 8:00pm. You pick her up, on your way to start the date. You're both a little nervous, and though there's some chit-chat, you decide to have a little background music to make things more comfortable... Something soft, emotional... sappy. Maybe something that will even get a chuckle... If things go well, it may even be "your song"

1. Best "I just dropped off my date that went really well. I'm feeling quite cheery" Song

It's 1:30am. The first date went really well. The highways are empty. You feel giddy. You want to sing. You roll down the windows, and as you hurdle yourself into oblivion, you blast...

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