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Perhaps it's an obvious statement, but when you leave a door open, a burglar is will walk in. What do I mean by that? Take the internet, which has - up until recently - been an open door. There's been little monitoring in terms of bandwidth usage, which has resulted in the proliferation of torrents for music and video piracy. While I'm not advocating for or against piracy of music and videos, what I'm pointing out here is that when bandwidth is - for the most part - unmonitored, limitless, and endless, it will be abused.

In lieu of Comcast putting a 250gig cap on downloads1, I was talking with a friend of mine about our respective internet usages. He told me that he monitored the amount of downloading he did in a single month, and it was just under the cap. This astounded me, because I for one had felt that 250gigs was more than enough for anyone. My own internet usage probably comprises of about 3-4 gigs worth, and is mostly emailing, some internet surfing of sites that don't demand much bandwidth, and the occasionaly streaming of online content. My friend, however, who uses a VoIP phone, streams videos to his NetFlix box, downloads videos on his Xbox, plays multiplayer games on both his Xbox and PC, as well as downloading podcasts, has to worry about this cap.

Prior to caps, there was no need for worry and people freely used as much bandwidth as they could get away with - and occasionaly faced an angry letter from ISPs. Low bandwidth users like myself would seldom notice degradation in internet speeds, but every once in a while, if you had the right kind of neighbors, your internet could be brought to painfully slow speeds - and not the speeds you were paying for.

A wireless world - whether internet, or wireless electricity that would achieve the Tesla dream, that goes unmonitored would be quickly abused. Particularly if there was no way to put a cap on usage, there would be no reason for people to ever turn off their lightbulbs, worry about leaving the stove on - and the concept of wasting electricity would be lost on us.

Currently, it's the cost per Watt that causes us to be mindful of electric consumption. Some may claim it's for environmental reasons, but frankly if electricity were cheaper, people would care much less. Imagine if it were free. Not only would one have to worry about using more electricity than their neighbours (and potentially causing their neighbors to have less electricity as a result, in an analogy similar to the internet) but the demand for electricity would spike.

Scientists, and theorists may claim we'd live in a world of far greater technology had we listened more to Tesla. But when you consider how long it's been for us to become energy conscious, particularly concerning the environment - and have yet to come up with renewable solutions to our energy problems, I think the only possible world we would live in is one in which all our natural resources would have been extinguished.

When it comes to electricity, I think it was a wise move to have it trickle out slowly to the world through the means of wires, than to have it rush out in ways we could not control.



This is probably one of the best pro-cap arguments I've heard of - whether it's for the internet, or electricity, I pretty much agree - no caps could lead to a lot of abuse.

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