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NASA is sending Colbert up to space. Who did the University of Sweden send to space? Not Abba, the only Swedish export I can think of other than IKEA furniture. No. Today, news broke that the University of Sweden, and more specifically K. Ingemar Jonsson, shipped off living creatures into space...

...Open space, that is. What is open space? When humans visit space, they have to wear huge suits that protect them from radiation, from the lack of oxygen, and I'm sure there's some psychological benefit from being in a suit when you're out in space too. Out in space, with no suit - that's really facing the infinite.

Yet Jonsson shipped off a bunch of tiny little bugs called "water bears" - or, more scientifically, tardigrades. Tardigrades, besides being what you get when you hand in a late paper (har har!), are durable little buggers that can withstand high amounts of radiation, and other adverse conditions. Despite being water creatures, they're able to survive quite well without water by simply shutting themselves down and waiting until water appears. Then they re-boot, and get back in gear, working hard to catch up on the lost time.

And now, they've seen space. Open space. And lived to tell about it. Or at least, lived so that we can look at them and think "Woah."

Meanwhile NASA prepares the hard drive that will contain Colbert's DNA.

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Besides the bad pun of "tardigrades," an interesting post!

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