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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011

I am trying to get over the moon
I really want to
But I am going about it the wrong way
I told the moon,
“From lovers to friends, we need to convert”
I never meant for the moon to get hurt
But now, it seems, the only one hurting is me
For the moon has moved on but won’t let me do the same
How can this be just?
Although, maybe it is not the moon's fault
Maybe I lack the will to let go
There is a great deal of history, you know
I remember how we came to be
I had a crush, it became love
I was not immune
To the charming and beautiful ways of the moon
I remember the good times and I remember the fights
The moon and I made it, night after night
The stars watched us with envy
As we found peace and serenity in one another
Now I grab people in the streets and ask:
“How can I get OVER the moon?!!”
The people laugh and shake their heads
“It is not easy, but give it time”,
they said
Surely the memories make it harder still
To walk away
To let go
The moon is so lovely
The moon has a hold on me
Isn’t it just the darndest thing?
When you care, it goes unreciprocated
When you don’t, you’re labeled injurious
Such double standards are nefarious!
Now tell me, how can I get over the moon
And make way for the sun
Who has come to steal my heart
This needs to happen very soon
For as of right now,
I have yet to get over the moon

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