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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
With Google Maps allowing people to view any location in the world, it was only a matter of time until someone developed the technology to track any person’s movement on Google Earth. But who demanded such technology?

People such as Detective Dave Sheldon who uses it to track vehicles for his clients. One particular case required him to follow someone for his client and track where they went. “The investigation I was conducting required developing information (legally, of course) about the movements of a particular vehicle,” Sheldon explains. So he turned to the latest technology GPS bugging had to offer: The GPS BUGGER.

Detective Sheldon has to bug vehicles he tracks quickly without anyone becoming aware of his activity . So it was more than convenient that the bug he bought could be installed easily. With its inconspicuous design, the GPS BUGGER allows Sheldon to use the device covertly. Equipped with a strong magnet the “bug” can be mounted under a car within a second. “I simply attached the device to an inconspicuous place on the vehicle and then retrieved it two months later. The amount of data he had collected during that time was incredibly impressive,” Detective Sheldon describes.

Reading the data that Sheldon had accumulated with his bug became even simpler with the aid of how the bug utilized Google Earth. “All I had to do was connect a USB cable to the device, select my preferences for viewing the data, and hit the go button.“ Along with the normal data found on Google Maps, when Detective Sheldon connected the unit to his computer he found it “spilling out all of the secrets of the last two months…the path of the vehicle, where and when and for how long it stopped, travel time between stops, average speed, maximum speed…you name it!”

Although Detective Sheldon is a private investigator, the real revolutionary feature about this technology is that it can be used by anyone anywhere. In fact, Quino Solutions, the developer of the GPS BUGGER reports that it’s been used by spouses to spy on each other, by parents to spy on their children, and even by employers to spy on their employees. Since the GPS BUGGER is sold through Quinos' website it is readily available to be acquired by anyone. The software requires no learning curve to use, so the GPS BUGGER can be used at any time by anyone. As for Detective Sheldon, the help it provides him makes it a standard tool for tracking down people. “It should be an integral part of every investigator’s toolbox” he concludes.

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