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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
My Deepest Relevance

The indent hunts near the orbit!
Why does the literature tower over the recipient ballot?
The chalk obliges the speaker.
Any crass winter mints whatever planet on top of a witnessed cash.
The voter trips over her algebra!

The young shade accepts below the phoenix.
The kitchen leaps across the contributor.
Another zone skips over her greatest compromise.
The differential pot withdraws with the invitation adult.
The virtual slogan stereotypes a fifth recruit.

A brand unites the composer throughout an instinct gown.
The bigot orbits an acid within a smoked recruit.
Against the tunnel malfunctions the reward.
A concluded image frowns.
A kitchen bobs the year.

A breach screams with a wartime!
A catastrophic script indents the lawyer.
The bandwagon bays within the cloud.
Outside the tiger waffles whatever remarkable appearance.
The apparent rainbow crashes.

The after disgust dislikes the deputy resemblance.
Beneath the group fails a viewer.

An enlightened advantage commissions my Love.
Any curious whole exchanges a processed bullet.

The friend washes with my Love.
A mirror pipes the kettle across the obligatory overhead.

My Beloved advances opposite a visual peasant.

Will my Love touch my Beloved?
Why won't the fourteen profit pale against my Love?
Why can't my Beloved scatter my Love?
Can my Love chew without a disconnected confine?
Does the hypothesis abort behind a poor stagger?

My Love breeds the protest.
The mathematics corrupts my Love.
A harmful bottle plants a chalk into an uncomfortable coast.

Should an enhanced species communicate a stamp?

The other blackmail despairs with this address.
A fluffy phenomenon exploits my Beloved under the war.
Will my Beloved sneak next to an archive?

A silent gradual bottles the french noise.
The benefit delights my Beloved with a vanished diagonal.
When can my Beloved stack the warped bias?

His grief decays.
The dictionary smiles around the eaten tobacco.
Can my Love freeze without my Beloved?

A scratch peers.
My Beloved shouts my Love under the oriental.

The need recovers.



This poem makes no sense. Sorry, but I just don't understand it.

"The other blackmail despairs with this address.
A fluffy phenomenon exploits my Beloved under the war.
Will my Beloved sneak next to an archive? "

What could that possibly mean?



Judging from Scott's comment on the other poem - the one that made sense - I'd say that, like his incoherent post-modern treatise, this poem is made up of random sentences generated by that website he linked to in "Poetry - What is it good for". The fact that the sentence structure stays the same almost all the way through should have given it away.

Can't fool me anymore, Scott.



Replying to Hogan:
I know, I said it kind of tongue-in-cheek to force Scot into having to explain a poem he didn't write. It was easy to pick out the one he actually wrote from the one that was generated, for the reasons you mentioned.

Here's the thing though: The section I quoted, I just re-read it...and it actually makes a sensible stanza. I think I even like it. Dare I go so far as to say it's almost profound? If you'd like me to explain what I got from it I can but I'd like to see other interpretations or admissions that it looks like nonsense.



I want to say, earnestly, that if this crap inspires any thoughts or sense of appreciation in you, then that is awesome - the crap I created holds significance (the same way that a dead rat may remind someone of one of their relatives, but is repulsive to anyone else).

This material is good because it may cause a novel thought to spring up in some mind, somewhere.

It just isn't art

Further, I don't deserve any credit for your appreciation.

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