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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
Matt, you wrote a good article and I agree with you. Corporations are unethical, and we ought to watch them closely and take heed to not become corporate individuals, that is, people who are motivated solely by greed (as corps are). It is wrong to horde intellectual capital and it is a tragedy to see intelligence confiscated from communities by large corporations.

I think you definitely caught me on saying "libertarian' when I meant ' humanitarian'. I am a libertarian and I meant to contrast unfettered selfishness with social contentiousness. That's what I get for not scripting (that was Alamir's idea - he prefers it when we read the articles day-of to keep us 'fresh).

I personally would never 'prostitute myself out' for money; I hate the way universities are and fight regularly to see if I can't get a real Socratic method going on. I have my eyes set on a nice, low paying, socially rewarding career, because that is what I want in life. If someone else wants to rule the world, that's what they want and it is ok that they want it (and it is ok that I intend to harry them).

I respect Socrates!!! Bill Gates is an Opportunist!!!

Also, finally, when I do a podcast I am working hard to provide a counter voice to Alamir and Claudia (and often the authors) for the purpose of keeping the podcast provocative. I use humor (good and bad) to keep people listening.

Thanks for the feedback - at least I know someone was listening to me (and catching my mistakes)

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