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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011



Creative Writing

History of Everything

motherfucking right: post-dated last month: upper-crust soufflé, lower-case Table: west-side divide: something to do with slime: unique in its effect: why not a parlez vous if that’s what they call it?: suddenly there: a tetrahedron is a shape: masculine mass killing: motherfucking right: a tetrahedron is a shape: high and low: game old same old: ravens and stuff: ghosts get real: happy ending: motherfucking right: homohomohomo: some people are all like Ah yeah, but it’s all relative to: and on the TV: or biology, neurology, science that really doesn’t: the desire to sleep: entire collectives spun around a bunch of times: motherfucking right: there’s big circles and little circles: big penis telescopes: motherfucking right: Atlantis, maybe: Back to the Future: the one about sticks and stones and bones: they keep telling me to lose weight: goats can sing: math and myth look alike: a place for everybody and everybody in their place: motherfucking right: then the lights went out, the baby-sitter got killed, usually: stereos and fridges, today: magic is long gone, Moses: you can’t really dig to China, can you?: if I believe I have laser beam eyes I have laser beam eyes: nobody notices no how in your note pack, fool: it goes one, two, three, four, hit it: there’s some people outside: it was all quiet after words: sanitizer in your eyes: just another dinner party with the neighbours: don’t you wish you had a carpet so your dog could pee on it?: infrastructure is a big thing: the colour green and the colour blue: there’s no need to shout: I never liked sci-fi but when the aliens came down I believed them: everybody has prostitutes: motherfucking right: worms don’t have it so bad: but unfortunately, I have to float: pliers are stronger than some things that aren’t pliers: if it’s cryptic and only I can understand it, all the better: concrete is part of the system: teenagers and women have always been trouble: creeps and freaks and sluts in the back: Hitler was passionate: motherfucking right: the good life: greetings: very intellectual: overalls, too, but not the shape.

Getting Along

It doesn’t matter what you get her, she’ll like it: leading the way, eyes closed: an intrusion: the world is informal: I’m the kind of person to send things back: why is it because: the jerk is over there: this amounts to spaciousness: on her back: elephant walk: oh, the horror: there’s always something shoved up there: it’s not a free-will thing: I think your cell phone is ringing your neck: don’t ask: right, a way: that ruins everything: take it back: I’ll wash my dick: at least I’m not a god: you did it, didn’t you?: seldom-wise: mom, I’m becoming a man; dad, I’m becoming a woman; and they’re both so disappointed: no other: skip a turn: nobody is “sooo weird”: go easy: tell me what a pubic hair looks like: it’s about being nice: this woman has a fixation with me: tolerate my intolerance: is it because you suck my cock?: let me count the ways: awkward is up to you: legs closed, mind open: death is always-new: there’s only one way to do this: those nipples are too big: then comes marriage: fingerprint: the fullest account: I want to give him a backrub or something: true love and worse: little bumps in my body: three conspiring lesbians who don’t seem to like each other: very competitive rates: the mechanics of it: how much porn do you have to go through before you find someone you know?: it’s redder and angrier than I thought it would be: you betcha: tonight’s proceedings were brought to you by: brutal, but you like it that way: it’s just harmless fruit juice: I told you, skip all the luxuries, except one: repeat ‘till complete.

Getting It Done

fuck morality: the impossibility of being alone: you said it: unremarkable people, why?: my dreadlocks are going to save the world single-handedly: something exists: ride a bike to heaven: the worst and most important thing: that makes my brain hurt: people talk differently when they’re with themselves: confronting the details: other things spin, too: you’re way too special, I mean it: computers, nothing but: the zoo is all you ever talk about: don’t look at me when I’m in public: new shoes, brand new shoes: you’re not serious: that’s it, but that’s all not all: far too obvious: your dragon has a leash even though it shouldn’t: the number 8 is just that, same with the other numbers: you stupid son of a bitch: take care, all of it: they’re only one person: all that stuff in the back of the truck was dangerous and illegal: it's pronounced nigger: definitely not me, but not anybody else either: dying and eating are embarrassing: it’s not fair, but you don’t get it: cheering at the sad part: you’ve seen that one: you want to be mechanical, though, don’t you?: disagree on it: everybody is special, but so am I: take a walk on the wild side and don’t come back.



I read over this about 3 times, and I plan to again.

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