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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011



Creative Writing

marie dropped the children off at school, rolling down her window to wave goodbye as they ran into the building. mrs. helman called “yoo-hoo!” from her cadillac and honked as she drove away.

car still running, marie pulled out onto the street and approached the intersection. she glanced in the rearview and caught sight of her reflection. lines began to form between her brows and her mouth turned downwards. she inhaled quick breaths repetitively. hands shaking, she reached for the sunglasses inside her purse. the car behind her bleated it’s horn and marie hastily advanced into the four-way, turning left. sounds of suffocated sobs began to make their way up through her throat. she was a pot of water, suddenly coming to an unexpected boil. the lid began shaking and steam began pouring out the side as she slowly pulled the buick up the driveway and into the carport. putting the gear shift into park, she slumped forward over the steering wheel and let the water overflow.

leslie saw marie sobbing through her dining room window as she polished the silverware. she froze, put her steak knife down and walked into the kitchen, turning on the radio and kettle. she sat helplessly at the table, spinning her wedding ring around her thin finger while staring at the floral wallpaper.

five minutes later, leslie was startled out of her trance by the sound of the whistling kettle, and marie was dead.

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