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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
shops, during boxing week sales, truly are a zoo.

i have seen the most primal human qualities demonstrated behind the doors of downtown stores in the past couple days. personal space and boundaries are blatantly ignored, the typical canadian politeness is cast aside, and women are prepared to wait hours to try on a silly garment, all because of the fact that it’s marked 20%-70% off.

often, the sales are a joke. one store teasingly advertises massive sales, but on average, cuts their prices by a measly dollar or two. an upscale department store does cut a major percentage, but still leaves you paying $450 after half the price has been deducted.

i am not sure what it is about a sale that causes us to surrender our refined demeanors (you can shop at discount and outlet stores year round) but i will bet that, during sale time, specific hormones or endorphins are released in the female body that allow women to shop endlessly, without need of food or rest.

i am guilty of this behavior; today i shopped for 6 hours straight without noticing. i sharpened my elbows and glared at a family of tourists enjoying themselves on a department store escalator. why did they need to inhibit my need to get to the discounted lingerie department? WHY?

i am one of the wild antelope flocking to the watering hole, i must satisfy my urge to partake in this strange “once-a-year” event. but in the end, it’s not just an annual thing, and in about a month, i won’t remember which items were bought full price or 60% off. ultimately, it’s the desire to participate in the strange, animalistic process of sale shopping that causes me to go store to store, in search of a great deal.

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