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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011



Creative Writing

be on my side, i'll be on your side, baby...
there is no reason for you to hide
it's so hard for me to stay here all alone
when you could be taking me for a ride...

they waded into the creek, holding hands tentatively. her fingers curled around his index and middle, separated from the ring and pinky as if not ready to embrace everything enthusiastically quite yet.
how long have we been tip toeing into the icy water? she thought. the breeze began channelling quickly down the stream, creating violent ripples on the previously undisturbed surface. she faltered, her toes slipping down a smooth rock. he let her fingers slide from his; he looked over just in time to see her teeter over sideways into the frigid creek.

you take my hand, i'll take your hand
together we may get away
this much madness is too much sorrow
it's impossible to make it today

she sat in the water momentarily, catching her breath and looking up at him. she saw a smile crawl across his face and remembered past times they had visited this same stream. they had never made it across, though they could see that the other side was not far off. it was not the temperature of the water that deterred the two from crossing; it was the depth. but, now that she had immersed herself involuntarily, she gathered her footing again and held her hand out to him, ready to swim.

down by the river
i shot my baby

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