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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
i think doctors should start prescribing people to listen to box CD sets of music made purely by the sounds of delicious STEEL DRUMS instead of relentlessly over prescribing anti-depressants.
seriously, try to be grumpy and listen to steel drums. i challenge you. if you win the challenge, i punish you to listen to steel drum music for the rest of your life.

there is something purely cheesy about steel drum music; in the worst of cases, it can seem to have been created with the sole purpose of acting as background music for obnoxious british holiday makers on vacation in jamaica.

however, every time i’ve seen steel drums being played publicly, it’s like everyone around me has been given an instant dose of xanax, and all the white people have suddenly remembered how much they want to go to the caribbean and get their hairs braided into awful cornrows with annoying beads swinging everywhere.

why do you think the little mermaid stands alone as the best disney musical ever made?
ANSWER: STEEL DRUMS. under the sea is a composition of musical genius, based simply on the reason of the abundance of beautiful calypso drum presence.

happiness is just around the corner when you’re listening to steel drums!

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