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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
he is an awkward little boy. his haircut makes his head appear larger than it truly is, and his body seems too small for his age. it is a three year old’s body worn by a five year old. like a winter coat that is too small, it is visually obvious.

the fact that he is an only child is something you would assume. he is socially awkward, but painfully longs to be included in every game with the other boys. they purposefully try not to notice him, but it is because he invites this sort of behaviour. he is tragic, but loveable. you wish you could pick him up and hug him sometimes, but you know that he would shy away and get the expression that comes before crying.

when he is excited, he has a nervous tick that forces him to repetitively kick one of his legs out, “ninja-style”. he squeals and runs about in his tiny shoes and clothing, but he never seems to be the one getting chased. across the field, i see him standing behind a tree, waiting for someone to make him their prey. no one does, so he chases the person who is meant to be chasing him.

when we leave, he is last in line, and i notice that his backpack is micro-sized as well. even his accessories hint at his personality traits.



This is a nice micro-fictions. But either I didn't get the ending or it ended a bit too anti-climactic for me.

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