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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
Taken aback
along the fast track
take me for the ride
I missed it centuries ago
along the flow of dusks
works of wonders
flaying around me now
I capture the image
of you and i set apart
but colliding at the same time
configurations bouncing off the four walls
catch me now
and i fall back.
Not a person walked by
who would notice the fail
it was a word over the shoulder
that made sense before you did.
and it hid in the capsules of your lips
over the counter
where the thirst filled your tummy
wasn;t it yummy?
the sensation that built you up
for that face
that was following in the shadows
on another part of the shadowed land...
here the night stands
open armed: against the platform of your mind
all the way home
with a slithering need
to be back
amungst the fortunes.

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