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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
No, this piece will not be discussing the merits of the match-up in Super Bowl forty three between the favoured Pittsburgh Steelers and the underdog Arizona Cardinals. This is going to be about the forty third President of the United States of America. I will start by saying that I am not an American so my opinion is that of an outsider. An outsider who has closely followed the politics in the US, but still not someone who has experienced first hand the effects of the Bush years and the lengthy Presidential campaign. Also, had I been a citizen of the Republic, I am confident that I would have cast my vote for Barack Obama. I just do not think that George W. Bush has been treated fairly. Bush told the American people what he was going to do, they supported him enough to elect him twice and now they hate him. He is the same person with the same views and policy as he was in 2000. I guess it is perhaps that Americans, after seeing the results of these values, started to hate what they had become. Therefore they blamed the embodiment of their collective values.
Former President Bush moved out of the White House amidst dismal approval ratings and vitriol aimed at him from the public and media. So, after years of oppression and tyranny under a militaristic regime; change has come. Blaming George W. Bush for everything wrong with America is a case of too many people doing what too many people do in society today; blame someone else.
A seemingly little known fact about American Presidential elections: they happen every four years. Americans from coast to coast were praising the dawn of a new era, the end of darkness but they choose that path. The former Texas Governor was elected by many of the same people who now despise him….twice. He did not change- they changed. Ok, I will concede that when first elected in 2000 we did not know the full measure of the man. He narrowly took office over a worthy opponent. The thing is though, after those first four years, everyone knew exactly what he was about and he never hid it. He was then elected again by a much wider margin. This was only 4 years ago. At that time his was judged to be the best way forward. History now shows it was not, but the fault lies as much with the majority of people who pushed him on. Change could have come then and it did not. People were satisfied or apathetic to his vision for the nation and the world. For all his faults and shortcomings, he gave his country what he told them he would.
Republican President George W. Bush through eight years and two elections supported the military, God and right wing economic policies. All the time. He engaged in war on two fronts. One forced on him and one he forced. At ever possible opportunity he chose religion over science. Through tax breaks and waiting until it was deemed absolutely necessary for the government to step during this economic crisis, he let the people run the markets. Now his wars are unpopular; the Dixie Chicks redeemed. Religion is still popular but science and technology are being embraced; the spirit of St Thomas Aquinas rekindled. The economy is bad; we await the government to provide a resurrection.
So, the cowboy rides off. To his ranch in Texas, to live out his days. He sold the people on his visions; they elected him leader but somewhere along the way his conscripted soldiers broke ranks with their Commander-in-Chief and his values. In all the hysteria of change I think one country said it best. Concerning the 44th President, Iran said they would withhold judgement as the United States is still the hand of Satan. From a devil we know to an unclenched fist ready to lead us to…

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