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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
Our Sneaky Steppers Logo
We are a group of dancers from all different shows working on Fusing the art forms in what we believe is the natural evolution of dancing in our fields!

We are currently creating a new show 'Hammerstep' which integrates traditional Irish step, tap, and Hip Hop dance forms and presents them through cutting edge choreography and Comedy. We have been working hard in the Studio with a great team of dancers that consist of world champions, world record holder's and lead's of Riverdance and other top shows.

We also set up a group 'Sneaky Steppers' which is our public marketing initiative. We found the best way to reach the public was to dance in public areas. We started off by making dance ambush video in famous areas/ Landmarks across the UK and the US. We just spent the summer in New York and our Street performances in Washington Square park got us recognized by a festival in Brazil, dance magazines, and websites across the globe as well as featuring us on a CBS 'US Tennis Open' commercial.

We are now planning some flash mob style videos - first on the great wall of China. We also made a dancing remake of the Nike Commercial "World Cup- Sneaky the Future" and "Rocky: Eye of the Sneak (Our latest video re-living Rocky Vs Apollo in Philadelphia)

We have only been working on these projects for a matter of months now so we are very excited for the future of 'Hammerstep' + 'Sneaky Steppers'. We have a great team behind us and we are looking forward to premiering our show in the near future. I hope you enjoy our links and can give us your feedback!

Much love - The Sneaky crew ( Rocky: Eye of the Sneak )

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