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So, if one were to ever need me – an able bodied individual with a – to fig... Continue Reading at: /SAMAEL/2008/12/25/7_Songs_I%27d_Totally_Go_To_War_For2008-12-25 20:49:43/SAMAEL/2008/12/25/7_Songs_I%27d_Totally_Go_To_War_For6 Ways to Take Advantage of a Zombie Apocalypse/SAMAEL/2008/10/25/6_Ways_to_Take_Advantage_of_a_Zombie_ApocalypseSo the World has been taken over by flesh-eating horde after flesh-eating horde of relentless and downright diskish Zombies. The major cities have fallen and most utilities are useless due to the fact that those overlooking such things are either... Continue Reading at: /SAMAEL/2008/10/25/6_Ways_to_Take_Advantage_of_a_Zombie_Apocalypse2008-10-25 00:08:51/SAMAEL/2008/10/25/6_Ways_to_Take_Advantage_of_a_Zombie_ApocalypseJamie and Himself: An Interview with Canada's Jamie Reid/SAMAEL/2008/09/25/Jamie_and_Himself%3A_An_Interview_with_Canada%27s_Jamie_ReidJamie Reid is a Canadian poet made notable for his contributions for expanding Canada's statues within the literary world with his work with the poetry publication TISH magazine along with the likes of , , and . In 1969, he published his first col... Continue Reading at: /SAMAEL/2008/09/25/Jamie_and_Himself%3A_An_Interview_with_Canada%27s_Jamie_Reid2008-09-25 22:09:00/SAMAEL/2008/09/25/Jamie_and_Himself%3A_An_Interview_with_Canada%27s_Jamie_ReidNone So Obscure: What Québec Spawned in Metal/SAMAEL/2008/09/19/None_So_Obscure%3A_What_Qu%c3%83%c2%a9bec_Spawned_in_MetalThis was originally written for the Capilano Courier of the North Vancouver university, Capilano University. Powerful emotions can create the most interesting, harsh, and beastly forms of art, and they come from many sources. The frustrations... Continue Reading at: /SAMAEL/2008/09/19/None_So_Obscure%3A_What_Qu%c3%83%c2%a9bec_Spawned_in_Metal2008-09-19 17:39:55/SAMAEL/2008/09/19/None_So_Obscure%3A_What_Qu%c3%83%c2%a9bec_Spawned_in_MetalMy Resume/SAMAEL/2008/09/06/My_ResumeAs a current and seemingly permanent employee of Starbuck Co. I have taken it upon myself to be more pro-active in getting myself the fuck out. However, as a devote Lethargic Bastard (title that one must take schooling for) I post this, my resume,... Continue Reading at: /SAMAEL/2008/09/06/My_Resume2008-09-06 21:21:58/SAMAEL/2008/09/06/My_ResumeAn Open Apology to Erik Rutan: A ReReview of Fury and Flames/SAMAEL/2008/09/03/An_Open_Apology_to_Erik_Rutan%3A_A_ReReview_of_Fury_and_Flames– may I call you Erik? – I need to be frank: I'v been making fun of you. More or less behind your back, and nothing in print (thank god for my soul), but I feel bad that I have been making fun of you and I wish to admit my guilt. Whenever... Continue Reading at: /SAMAEL/2008/09/03/An_Open_Apology_to_Erik_Rutan%3A_A_ReReview_of_Fury_and_Flames2008-09-03 20:08:25/SAMAEL/2008/09/03/An_Open_Apology_to_Erik_Rutan%3A_A_ReReview_of_Fury_and_FlamesAborted Fetus Protein Bars/SAMAEL/2008/08/13/Aborted_Fetus_Protein_BarsFor this recipe you will need one human fetus, it is preferred that the fetus be whole bodied: still containing all limbs and its head. It is optional to have the fetus’ placenta as well, however, for the sake of this recipe, it is best to add t... Continue Reading at: /SAMAEL/2008/08/13/Aborted_Fetus_Protein_Bars2008-08-13 23:29:37/SAMAEL/2008/08/13/Aborted_Fetus_Protein_BarsA Testament to the Enduring Awesomeness of Sharks on Film/SAMAEL/2008/07/26/A_Testament_to_the_Enduring_Awesomeness_of_Sharks_on_FilmWhen I was five years old, my Mother and I would frequent the Vancouver Aquarium, like many families tend to do, every other Month or so (yay for Memberships!). One day, I don't know the exact date, after a long day of wondering around aimlessly a... Continue Reading at: /SAMAEL/2008/07/26/A_Testament_to_the_Enduring_Awesomeness_of_Sharks_on_Film2008-07-26 15:16:20/SAMAEL/2008/07/26/A_Testament_to_the_Enduring_Awesomeness_of_Sharks_on_FilmThe Veteran/SAMAEL/2008/07/16/The_VeteranOnly has one thing, one Thought to think about How to polish his gun, he will Polish his one thought Experienced through one Thought about his trigger Happy to serve in the name Of experience, he'll polish His gun, which he... Continue Reading at: /SAMAEL/2008/07/16/The_Veteran2008-07-16 19:27:00/SAMAEL/2008/07/16/The_Veteran