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Language as a whole is a tool - and, while I don't know many other languages, I'd say that English is one of the "tooliest" languages. That is, English, as far as other l... Continue Reading at: /alishahnovin/2009/02/12/Random_Awesomeness_Is_Okay_With_Me2009-02-12 20:16:04/alishahnovin/2009/02/12/Random_Awesomeness_Is_Okay_With_MeSenator Obama Loses Presidency Due to Arugula Concern/alishahnovin/2009/02/12/Senator_Obama_Loses_Presidency_Due_to_Arugula_ConcernImagine, just imagine, if that headline appeared in papers around the world on November 5, 2008. Or imagine instead, if the headline had said: "Senator Obama Loses Election - Negative Sentiment Towards Bowling Skills Could not be Overcome." And ev... Continue Reading at: /alishahnovin/2009/02/12/Senator_Obama_Loses_Presidency_Due_to_Arugula_Concern2009-02-12 18:38:32/alishahnovin/2009/02/12/Senator_Obama_Loses_Presidency_Due_to_Arugula_ConcernAds: A Waste of Space and Time, or a Space to Waste Time?/alishahnovin/2009/02/06/Ads%3A_A_Waste_of_Space_and_Time%2C_or_a_Space_to_Waste_Time%3FMy brother runs adblock on every site he visits. He is unaware of what the real MySpace/Facebook/Gizmodo sites look like. In general his web experience is a pretty sparse one - one which wholly resembles WordArc: a site devoid of all ads, focusing... Continue Reading at: /alishahnovin/2009/02/06/Ads%3A_A_Waste_of_Space_and_Time%2C_or_a_Space_to_Waste_Time%3F2009-02-06 20:22:44/alishahnovin/2009/02/06/Ads%3A_A_Waste_of_Space_and_Time%2C_or_a_Space_to_Waste_Time%3F"Joe the..."/alishahnovin/2009/02/05/%22Joe_the...%22First they called him, . Then they called him Now they're calling him . This "Joe of All Trades, Master of None" is, quite simply, Joe the Nobody. We're into the 16th minute of fame. Let's move on. The End. . Continue Reading at: /alishahnovin/2009/02/05/%22Joe_the...%222009-02-05 18:37:30/alishahnovin/2009/02/05/%22Joe_the...%22Charge Me Whatever, Just Please Don't Make It Free/alishahnovin/2009/01/28/Charge_Me_Whatever%2C_Just_Please_Don%27t_Make_It_FreeAs a software developer I constantly find myself falling into debates of open vs. closed source - from a project standpoint, from a usage standpoint, as well as a busines standpoint. Am I against Open Source software? No. I think it's great, and i... Continue Reading at: /alishahnovin/2009/01/28/Charge_Me_Whatever%2C_Just_Please_Don%27t_Make_It_Free2009-01-28 14:53:03/alishahnovin/2009/01/28/Charge_Me_Whatever%2C_Just_Please_Don%27t_Make_It_FreeThoughts on the Toilet - But Not From It/alishahnovin/2009/01/22/Thoughts_on_the_Toilet_-_But_Not_From_ItThe concept of a washroom, it recently dawned on me, is entirely a strange one. In all our superiority over the other animals, in all our technological advancements, we still are at the mercy of our biological needs. Just as we take in, we must re... Continue Reading at: /alishahnovin/2009/01/22/Thoughts_on_the_Toilet_-_But_Not_From_It2009-01-22 18:36:43/alishahnovin/2009/01/22/Thoughts_on_the_Toilet_-_But_Not_From_ItA New Appreciation for Radio/alishahnovin/2009/01/21/A_New_Appreciation_for_RadioSaturday morning cartoons. Three words that mean everything to a child. Forget cereal at the table - if you were lucky, you could grab your bowl, milk and cereal, and as you gazed into the wonder of cartoon after cartoon, you could munch away at i... Continue Reading at: /alishahnovin/2009/01/21/A_New_Appreciation_for_Radio2009-01-21 01:25:52/alishahnovin/2009/01/21/A_New_Appreciation_for_RadioEgo Tripping at the Gates of Hell: A Song Title Love Story/alishahnovin/2009/01/20/Ego_Tripping_at_the_Gates_of_Hell%3A_A_Song_Title_Love_StoryIn the morning of magicians, the turning of a radio friendly unit shifter cut-out transmissions from a lonely room - my little room, a room a thousand years wide. Thumbing my way beyond electric dreams, searching with my good eye closed for how to... Continue Reading at: /alishahnovin/2009/01/20/Ego_Tripping_at_the_Gates_of_Hell%3A_A_Song_Title_Love_Story2009-01-20 15:51:42/alishahnovin/2009/01/20/Ego_Tripping_at_the_Gates_of_Hell%3A_A_Song_Title_Love_StoryAre Google, and the Semantic Web, Net Neutral?/alishahnovin/2009/01/19/Are_Google%2C_and_the_Semantic_Web%2C_Net_Neutral%3FThere's recent news that Google's new SearchWiki will let people tailor their search results to be restricted to a few specific sites. In that way, users can cut out the clutter of sites they don't want to visit, and focus only on those they want.... Continue Reading at: /alishahnovin/2009/01/19/Are_Google%2C_and_the_Semantic_Web%2C_Net_Neutral%3F2009-01-19 20:57:13/alishahnovin/2009/01/19/Are_Google%2C_and_the_Semantic_Web%2C_Net_Neutral%3F