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I work with a lot of people who need to get out more. Our best times... or rather, their best times, are around the water cooler, exchanging quips, puns, and anecdotes. Lately, I've been hearing some pretty lame ones about Gov. Palin... or maybe I just made them up, and I'm the one who actually needs to get out more. Anyway, a list is a list, so here you go:

10 Worst Sarah Palin Puns I've Heard Around the Water Cooler

10. "Yea, but who's she Palin around with?"

9. "With Biden on stage, she'll Palin comparison."

8. "McCain's been shoveling a lot of BS lately. She's been Palin' it."

7. "She doesn't believe in evolution. No Palintology for her."

6. "Know what the difference between a Palindrome and a Palin-drone is? One looks the same backwards and forwards, the other is just backwards. No? K... lipstick."

5. "No contraceptives? That's Appalin!" ("Appauling" said with a horrible Alaskan accent...)

4. Upon handing $5 to Lynne, the receptionist, "Everyone! Look at me pay Lynne!"

3. "Palin? She be failin'" - Not so much a pun, but it evoked the same sharp pain in my spleen as some of those other ones did.

2. "Stocks are down? Crapalin!"

1. "But can she resolve the conflict between Israel and Palinstine?"

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