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For the sake of the following arguments, I'm only going to consider Anarchists as the polar opposite to Facists - or in looser terms, those who want no governing, to those who want complete governing. Within these extremes falls socialism, liberalism, conservatism, as well as the major world parties. I'll also note, these are all observations based on my own perception, and are not based on empirically collected data. Finally, when considering the groups, I'm only considering one group against it's polar opposite. In terms of the graphs that means if you're looking x points to the left, it's in relation to x points to the right.

First off, just to establish the point: Just about everyone runs a negative ad. It's virtually impossible to not run a negative ad, because while it's important to point out your own achievements, it's always beneficial to remind others of the short comings of your opponent. The number of them decrease as one gets more moderate, as there are fewer and fewer points you can pick out that differ from your own views. Anarchists have a lot of negatives to say about Facists and Facists have a lot of negatives to say about Anarchists.

The more interesting point is the smiles. The more left you move, the smiles of innocence increase. The more right you move, the more passionate anger, and admission of guilt. By "innocence" and "guilt" I mean the admission to running a negative ad. The most obvious, and recent example is the McCain campaign's own admission that they would be focusing more on the negative qualities of Obama, to distract attention from the economy. There's anger, there's frustration, and there's admission. On the other side of the spectrum however, there's no admission. There's the smile that's pretending to be taking a higher road. But there are negative ads... the comparisons to Bush, the subtle hints at McCain's age, and the jabs at Palin. There's negativity. But there's subtlety. A smiling insult - all the ones who are in on the joke get the smile, and all those who are the butt of the joke are only further angered.

When I think of anarchy, I think of punk rock - poppy, fast tempo music, that may be angry in it's lyrics, but in the end is embraced as an art form of expression. Very leftist to embrace the arts. When I think of facism, I think of chants, anthems, songs which are meant to evoke pride in the group's base, and are rooted in propaganda. Which leads to...

Lies, or propaganda in these negative ads. While some have their ounces of truth, they all have different forms of lies. From complete fabrications that came out of left field, to slight bends in the truth.

So why run all these ads? Why the negativity? Do they sway the undecideds? Do they change minds? I personally don't think so. Negative ads appeal to the base. It riles up the team, it gets people excited. People pay attention to the negative ads from the party they prefer to affirm their decision, and ignore or are angered by the negative ads of the other side using it as further affirmation of their vote.

At the end of the day, it's trash talk before the fight...

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