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TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016
Whether you are going to attend a concert, want to focus on study whilst you are in a noisy environment, working in a factory where you are continuously exposed to loud noise of machines, wearing a foam earplug you can play your role at all these places and still your hearing won’t share any risk. Foam are the cheapest amongst all.

If you are looking for a reliable, safe and affordable option of protecting your ears from loud noise or any other foreign entity that may cause harm to your health, foam earplugs are the right option for you. You can use foam earplugs in almost every scenario when your hearing is suffering from loud sounds.

As the name suggests, foam earplugs are made up of foam (air bubbles), so they are very soft and flexible. Because of these characteristics, they get easily adjusted to the shape of your ears and get fitted completely. They are very comfortable in long time wearing and also ensure good noise reduction.

If you have got the tickets for disco, concert or popular band performance and you don’t want your children and of course yourself suffer from the unbearably loud music, use foam earplugs. In such places or events the sound coming from the speakers is around 130db. It is risky to the health of our hearing if the sound level is above 70db. I am sure you definitely don’t want your children to go deaf once they are home.

If you regularly travel through trains and flights and looking for a device to protect your hearing from engines’ noise, foam earplugs can help you out in all conditions and protect your ears from getting deafness. Moreover, the factory workers are always exposed to loud and unsafe machinery noises. They spend around 8 hours every day working with the machinery. This constant exposure to loud noise may cause hearing loss or hearing problems at a later stage.
Earplugs are not just helpful to block the noise, but it also helps to focus on your work irrespective of the noise level surrounding you. Foam earplugs can be very useful for students to concentrate on their studies when they are surrounded by noise, especially when they are studying in public places, gardens, canteens and classes.

Most of the airlines offer foam earplugs to their travelers at the beginning of the journey. The major reasons are, they are very soft and comfortable for long travel, very cheap, available in mass and reduce the effect of decreasing air pressure on ears when the flight is taking off and landing. You can easily find foam earplugs at cheap retail price from the supermarkets, general stores and health stores.

On the market, you can also find custom silicone and other styles and type of ear plugs, however foam earplugs are the cheapest amongst all and the best part is they can be reused for several times.

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