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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
It was late. So very late… How many hours had passed since my last wink of sleep? Oh it’s not important. Not now. Let’s just do this while I still can. I need my life back. Take a deep breath, “you’ll be okay” I tell myself. Myself asks me “how are you so sure?”

It was over before I knew it. Before I could construct a complete thought.
Before I could express any emotion.
It was over before I could bring myself to speak.
Before I could wipe away my titanic tears.
How can that be? How can what we had for so long be erased in a swift second?
It took less than a minute, less than eight words to destroy twenty-eight months.

And now all I have left is this unfamiliar malady.
The tight knot in my stomach keeps me from breathing. The heaviness in my arms drags me closer to the hell in which I am already immersed. My legs shake with the fear of a tomorrow without you. Existence has become a miserable task. I am confused and lost. What happened? Where did it go so wrong? And why does it still matter?
If what we had was not real, and I am yet to experience it truly, then is this pain a prerequisite to love? These questions, they do nothing for me tonight.

I need air.

The cold, winter sky welcomed my slaughtered spirit. Soon it would be morning. Everything around me was pure, innocent and white. I sat there on a bench, as the snow cascaded down to earth, settling on my face.
I sat there, waiting patiently, to be consumed by your love, your anger.

I will miss you.

The forgotten friend finally arrives
Hold my hand, take me away.

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