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TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016

The skull and bone imagery is straight up from satanism & witchcraft.

By wearing these, subconsciously we create death, plain and simple.

The human mind is extremely powerful, and it works with images, that means, what we see, what we imagine, can manifest in the reality.

And the more we are rallied to the same cause/ideology the more likely it will happen.

They channel the unknown power of our minds, they tap in our very souls, plus they rip us off of our money at the same time.

We pay to promote destruction, isn't ironic? While at the same time kids work in factories to create those products.

Those who rule the world know exactly what they do, they have knowledge, ancient and occult knowledge that we don't have.

They kept ruling over us for thousands of years. But the thing is, those people dabbling with Satan, lowering their morals and corrupting their brethren for material riches and power, will pay a high price for this, despite their disbelief.

Because they actually think that they're gonna become kings or something in hell.

Signs and symbols to watch for:

Peace sign - actually witchcraft crow feet, or broken upside down cross.
Peace sign with hand - Pagan witchcraft symbol
Satanic handsign - Used to "rock on" but actually means "Hail Satan" sorry for the mute people you've been deceived
Stars and Pentagrams - Witchcraft
Pyramids - Those are everywhere, they link back to egypt which was entrenched in the occult, and also means our society's real system, the very few at the top rule the mass.
Eyes - Eye on top of the pyramid like on the american dollar bill, which means the eye of Horus, pagan demonic entity. The eye is EVERYWHERE, webcams on laptops, cellphones, in logos like CBS for example.
Numbers - 13 for example which is everywhere also meaning the 13 illuminati family bloodlines.
Saturn ring - Like Nike symbol, even wedding rings are pagan, and even christians use them.

And it's only the tip of the iceberg.

Do your own research on the internet you'll find plenty of information about it.

We are only beginning to awake about all this but time is very short nowadays, with all the disasters, the air feels weird, we live in very strange times my friends.

Pray for discernement!

May god bless you all!



Confucius was also asked once what he would do if he had power. He said he would change the names, so that language reflected social reality better, and worked realistically towards social goals. So don't underestimate the importance of words for Confucius.

After all, the point of the article was to put into words what was only a vague bunch of violent-looking signs. But witchcraft and satanism? Come now, ludaluda. I don't think Confucius would think that that change of names (that is, changing the name of the skull thing to satanism) very helpful. We can leave God out of this, too.

The problem, as I saw it, was/is that the skull signs/symbols don't function as an explicit (though, perhaps an unconscious) message of any sort, just a casual acceptance of violent imagery. An example, if unthinkingly, of what Walter Benjamin called the aestheticization of politics, where our own violence, our own self-destruction, becomes part of artistic enjoyment. In Benjamin's words, mankind's "self-alienation has reached such a degree that it can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order."

I agree with you on the point about the power of images, etc. Propaganda usually works that way, with music and imagery and little concrete content, so the viewers' critical faculties are bypassed and their subconscious tapped.

But I don't like giving people in power too much credit, and I don't go in for conspiracy theories. So I don't agree with you when you say that "Those who rule the world know exactly what they do, they have knowledge, ancient and occult knowledge that we don't have."

Our elites are mostly functional illiterates. I can't believe they have any hand in elaborately pulling fashion strings in the name of subconscious manipulation. It's just, as you put it, "in the air", part of morbid modernity.

Even less do I agree with your involvement of God in the issue. Pray? To what? I don't want God to bless me. All the wrong people - well, many of them - believe in God. It hasn't helped us, especially in politics. The most useful appeal to God is to cite the inherent atheism in Christianity. With Jesus, God was abolished. It's all on us now. God died on the cross. We have no recourse to some big entity called "God" to justify our actions or rectify our beliefs. Powerful peoples' use of God, far more than of Satan, has done too much damage to be considered a good reference point for combating evil. God is dead, it's up to us.

Thank you for the response to the article.



I absolutely don't want to debate but you should make yourself the gift of investigating about who
run the world, and who's behind them.

Also, I respect your opinion. In fact I had liked your article. I thought to myself, this girl is seeing
something but she's missing a piece in her puzzle.

I wanted to give you hints into the core of this situation, after that you are free to do whatever you want with that information.

I, personally, cannot reject God. He helped me all my life, he created me, and all of us.

I want his blessing, and his salvation.

Once you realize how entrenched we are in the occult, you also realize how much help we need
from him.

Peace to you,

May god bless us all.
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Replying to ludaluda:
The first time I read this I missed the "don't" in "absolutely don't want to debate", and was happy that you wanted one. But you don't a debate, which is fine, because discussion is better than debate. In a discussion, disagreements don't need to be totally resolved.

I'm fairly certain who runs the world: elected and appointed politicians, law enforcement agencies, armies, international governance institutions, corporate and business sector elites, journalists and PR people, tribal warlords, and priests of every religion.There's no need for the occult in here. In fact, all those powers I just listed, to the extent that they exploitative and repressive, prefer us to believe in the occult, and therefore ignore we can alter all those power structures. And, of course, believing in God is another standard way to keep people passive and unquestioning of power.

All that said, ludaluda, you don't seem passive at all in the face of power. I only suggest that your emphasis on the occult and God don't help the cause. I think it would be better to focus on the concrete politics involved, not some mystico-symbolic reality lurking behind it all.

I do think, however, that religion has a role to play in emancipatory politics. But this, too, is just another way of saying that we should play up religion's social justice side, and leave the 'personal belief' side - as you put it, "I, personally, cannot reject God. He helped me all my life, he created me, and all of us" - to people's 'personal' lives. In our political lives religious belief is dangerous because politics is about working through all the various disagreements in people's own personal beliefs throughout society. Religious belief as an issue in politics can only be used for making everyone uniformly dogmatic. So, people should leave the personal belief stuff to themselves when they are discussing politics. It was George Bush and Osama bin laden that mixed their personal religious beliefs with their public, political role.

One other thing. I'm not sure, but when you wrote, "this girl is seeing something but she's missing a piece in her puzzle", were you referring to me, or to the girl mentioned in my article? In any case, I'm not a girl. I'm a boy. I'm not sure if you are a girl or a boy, but I thought maybe when you said that "this girl is on to something" it was like a come on, trying to compliment and flirt with me. Or that, if you are a girl, you were expressing some sort of feminist solidarity. Either of which would have been fine.

I assume you refer to the Christian God (salvation, etc.). But I think the legalistic, creator God of the Old Testament, with his wrath, jealousy and possessiveness, and the loving God of the New Testament are almost opposed. The wonderful 20th century philosopher/mystic/activist Simone Weil (maybe you've heard of her) played up the social suffering side of religion, as well as the personal belief stuff. She thought that the New Testament, since it was written in Green, had more in common with Homer's Iliad than with the Jewish Old Testament (excluding the Book of Job, probably). True, the Jewish God sides with the weak, the suffering, the underdog of society, which is a position the Jews were often in. But this God is also hostile to people, indiscriminately violent, vengeful one moment and full of regret the next, always making and breaking promises. This is not the Christian God, and certainly not the Holy Spirit. Simone Weil thought that the Greeks had a much better understanding of human nature and ethics than the Hebrews did, and therefore that the Greek-infused New Testament is a genuine, radical break with the Old Testament and its out-there-somewhere-God.

In Christ, who is love embodied, this Old Testament God died on the cross. Which means no more excuses, no more praising an angry, remote God. It's all in your hands now. The Holy Spirit is God brought down into the community of "believers", who cannot say, "God promised us this and that, therefore we are justified to persecute, to oppress." No, after Christ humans have to admit that they are free, that everything they do is up to them. They can no longer rely on some God above for truth, freedom, justice, redemption, or salvation. God is "in us", not "out there". Or more specifically, God is "among us". The translation of the Greek entos is can be "in you" or "among you". In Luke 17:21, in the New International translation, it's "the kingdom of God is in your midst."

More colloquially, it is "in you" sometimes means "you can do it." This is a Christian message.

In other words, the relationship between God and humanity is reversed. It is no longer "Can we trust in God?" but "Can God trust us?" Or, in Humbert Humbert's words, "The question is, 'Does God believe in me?'"

Peace to you, as well. And don't forget to capitalize that "G" in God, if you believe in him- excuse me, Him



I thought you were a girl because of the picture on top of the article.

First of all, this is pretty cheap to ask me to capitalize the G, (when did it already anyway, just re-read my first reply) . And second, this is the exact description of division, that Jesus was talking about. Picking up on unrelevant details to instill doubt in the faith of believers. Really? Because I forgot to capitalize the G, I'm what, blaspheming him? How does it change the position of my heart? I would be careful, because, this is very close to judgement, if it is not.

Second, you talked a lot about how the Lord his, how he's vengeful but then loving, and this and that.

I personally can't assume, and presume how He is, that would be a major mistake on my part. What if he is vengeful? What if he is jealous? What if you're actions, and thoughts we're monitored, and you will be accountable for all of it one day?

I can tell you, from personal experience, that every thought you have is like dropping a rock in a pond, it expands further and further in the universe.

Listen, I tried to shed some light, I never wanted to debate, I liked your article enough to create myself an account, to come and add information I had.

Is all of it 100% true? Of course not, but there's too many coincidences and links to deny that there's something bigger than the eye can see.

Remember, When the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

I find it regretful, despite your more than obvious developed intellect, that you would close yourself that fast to different possibilites about our existence, and what's happening around us.

I can understand though, 5 years ago I wouldn't believe some stuff I'm beginning to observe now, so what will it be in 5 years?

But the problem is, when someone shut himself to any change of opinion or alternative truth, he's sure to lose already.

It's like saying I can't do it. Well it's over there and then, isn't it?

I'll take a more simple example. One great politician, kind, loving, a family man. Then slowly he receives and accept little bribes, until years later he finds himself entrenched in corruption, sleeping with prostitutes, and hurting a lot of citizens for his own benefit.

How did he get there? Very slowly and insidiously.

Even Machiavel, who was a man of war, politics and power, said it, you can't make radical changes, it needs to be done very subtly.

Analyse the changes in society over the last 100 years, and it's very very clear how it went for the worse, and the curve is sharper in the last 10 years. We can easily then "predict" what the future holds for us.

Make yourself a huge favor, take a step back, and re-observe the world.

Now, of course we have something to do. I never said we were to be passive. Becoming a soldier of Jesus-Christ has nothing to do with being passive, quite the contrary.

Jesus ask of us to debunk and rebuke the unfruitful works of the darkness. It's a never ending fight because trust me, demons never sleep. They work their ass off to destroy us night and day, in every sphere of life you can imagine.

Let me finish on this. How can you fix a world ruled by Satan? You can't. This is is realm. But, we have power of him through the blood of Jesus-Christ.

We have the power be free of him, and to free more souls, by prayer, baptism, and spreading the word of God.

Do you really know what's happening when you die? Because it will happen fast. 10 years, 40, 70?

Even if you live up to say, 120, it is still extremely short compared to eternity.

Human weakness is what Satan works on, stealing people's souls for material gain, which doesn't last long anyway, real joke.

God bless you my brother!



Let me correct myself:

I said we have power of him, I meant we have power over him, sorry :)



I came back to re-read all that we had wrote.

You talked about altering the structures.

I'll tell a short story.

There's war between two clans in a village. The first clan destroy and convert the second. Then everybody is happy, and they celebrate their victory.

Now all goes well for a while, but soon, dissension and new conflicts arise between the members of the new united clan.

Because that's just how humans are, sinners, ever-wanting more, jealous, envious, selfish, conceited...

That's why, anybody living in the negative is doomed for auto-destruction. On any scale you can imagine.

Are we really able to create and sustain a system that is balanced for all?

A fully balanced and peaceful system means it wouldn't even need insurance companies, lawyers, judges, police, etc...

And it will never happen given our violent and sinning nature.

I so wanted to save the world for a long time, but when I realized it was impossible in these conditions, I had to understand what was going on with us.

Are we just like that, then we're gonna die and that's it? The law of the jungle? The stronger ones win?

Or the fact that we are uncontrollable and self-destructive is due to something else?

That's why we need Jesus-Christ to renew us, back to the state we should have been, before we had the knowledge of good and evil.

Only by being pure can we be worthy of heaven, because of the even RATIONAL fact that it's the only way that this heaven would stay peaceful.

How could there be a heaven with people in it resenting the others, being jealous, etc..

Are you able to declare right now that you, if given a chance to go in heaven right now, would act perfectly in it? Never one bad thought, as little as it may be?

Because only perfection is allowed to enter Heaven. Nobody is able to be perfect.

I can say I'm not able to, not with my present nature, not without Jesus's blessing, and rebirth from him.



Replying to ludaluda:
Dear ludaluda,
Please watch the video on Youtube "Age of Deceit". An eye opener!
I bless you for your words. Thank you so much.

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