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WordArc Labs

WordArc Labs is where you'll find more experimental applications within WordArc. The Labs section features side-projects that may or may not tie in directly with WordArc, but have a similar direction, or will harness an aspect of the site.

Wordology - Wordology is an experiment with words. It's goal is to see what thoughts come to mind when you first encounter a word. In brief: When you start Wordology, you are given a word, and a set amount of time to write about that word. You will not know the word before hand, and will not be able to edit, or modify what you have written. The amount of time is set to allow for enough time to write, while reducing the amount of time to think. And of course, you can see what other WordArc users have written - but only after you've written about the word.

Real Time Democratic Debating System (RTDDS) - The Real Time Democratic Debating System is a new approach at debating on the internet. Rather than follow a linear format similar to what you would encounter on forums, chat rooms, or other discussion sites, RTDDS approachs debates in a unique fashion, allowing for the debate to progress in an otherwise democratic fashion.

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