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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
"I don't know what to do," she repeated.
"Neither do I," he finally replied, unable to look her in the eye.
As he voiced his predictable response, she was already opening the door to re-enter her dark basement suite. A short: "I know," was all she could add.

Unwilling to make a real decision, she settled for crawling back into bed. Uncharacteristically keeping her clothes on this time. He followed suit, clothed also. She turned and curled up against his side again, nestling her head between his shoulder and chin. Her arm draped over his stomach while his hand rested against her topmost shoulder. She sighed softly and closed her eyes.

Cautiously comfortable.
Head wheeling silence.


"Should we turn off the light?"
He hesitated before repeating only, "... the light?"
She didn't respond, instead she slipped from the bed to go brush her teeth. Re-entering her bedroom, she stripped off her tank top, naked from the waist up and rounded the corner of her bed without meeting his eyes. Shorts off, lights off, she finally settled back against his side once more.

Eyes finally blinked open after a futile effort to sleep. She just couldn't and so sighed again.

"I'm not tired anymore," she informed him. As if testifying to her words, her hand started to explore the skin beneath his shirt. "And you need to get rid of this," she added.
"Oh right." And with a quick rustle of top and bottom, all was tossed to the foot of her bed.
She kept the distance between them, making a decision that caused her instead to sit up again and open the drawer to her bedside table. Pulling forth a familiar item to both of them, she turned and looked back at him before simply stating, "Are you going to say no?"
Recognition and: "... No?"
"Lie back." Tone far less restrained now. Her expression was clearly visible in the blue light of her digital alarm clock as she turned back towards him.

He shivered.
Cold anticipation.

She smiled faintly and reached for his nearest wrist in order to wrap the supple leather cuff around and buckle it closed. She repeated with his other before leaning up and over him, guiding both hands. Her barred headboard was one of the best investments she'd ever made. But usually she was the one with her hands carefully secured behind them by the thick metal clasp.

Not once with him, however.

"I feel like I should be scared."
"You probably should be. For a few reasons."
"Which are?"
"At this point, I don't think it really matters," was her half whispered reply as she leaned down to gently kiss the now incapacitated man. "Now, no more talking," she told him, kissing him again.

He in turn pressed his lips together.

She remained close and stroked one hand down an arm and across his chest, down his side and back up the other, all while feeling him shift his body for a fuller touch. Her mouth followed the same path.

Delivered kisses and light nibbles on thick skin.

She leaned back and looked down at him. Features flushed and she finally straddled. Fickle though, the blankets blocked full contact. Even so, she tempted with touch.

Nibble. Suckle.
Linger. Lick.

She grew tired of the separation quickly and left him only long enough to grasp the blankets over his lower half. With one fluid movement she flung them off to pool atop his clothes at the foot of her bed. He caught his breath as cool air swarmed his senses, making her smile faintly again.

Re-straddled, but still teased inches away. She shifted the tone again. Gentle touch settled where flank meets lower back and she arched fingers.
She clawed in unison.
He hissed in pain.

She felt better. Her hands resettled where ruination was wrought and pressed gently as if to disperse the damage.

She raked again.
His back arched.

She let out a heady sigh and leaned down to press hot lips against her punishment. Each side.
"I wonder how long I can keep you in this state..." she mused aloud as she moved to a tender thigh.

She delivered a moderate bite.
He twisted into it and then away.

Unable to hold back his vocal pain, she gently shh'ed him and leaned up to kiss him again. He returned it savagely and she couldn't help but grin. Hovering there.

"Is that all you've got?" He rasped.
She gasped at the audacity and found more vulnerable flank flesh.
He tensed. Face hid against a bicep as he braced himself for the inevitable outcome of such a taunt.
"That was a really stupid thing to say," she whispered and delivered a vicious bite while nails tore welts up his thigh.

The hoarse, involuntary, "Bitch." that sounded from the wounded form beneath her only encouraged her.

She proved her point.

She continued this game. Picking her places carefully and keeping the edge alive with the unknown.

Sweet and gentle

She controlled.
Manipulated senses.

Allowed taste.
Took away.

Over and over again.

"You can talk now."
"I don't know what to say..."
"Well, what do you want?" She asked, gazing down at him possessively.
He hesitated again, chest expanding with pride and disbelief, "... Really?"
"You've been good." Gentle kiss confirmed truth.
"I want to see you come over and over again."

Right answer.

Unclasped metal.

"Turn over," she told him tenderly and her hands kneaded his sore arms and tense muscles.
"You're incredible," he breathed out.

She smiled again faintly and re-settled at her place beside him.

Hours of nestled sleep awakened to his shocking cellphone alarm.
"Sorry," he mumbled and reached over her to turn it off.

Mourning realities, they embraced for moments longer than usual.
"Don't be a stranger, okay...?" he told her, his face buried into her hair.
She bit her lip, her reply was to hold him closer before releasing him so he could ready himself for his day.

Lights on. Covers up. She peeked out through terrible vision, hoping to spot some evidence of her nights punishment.

Too early to tell.
She hid against her pillow.

Ready to go he laid out full length against her on top of the blankets and remained there for a minute. Their fingers linked.
She kept her face hidden, pressing her lips together.
"Have a good day..." he offered as he moved to stand again.
"You too," was her faintly muffled reply.
She tried to look at him, but couldn't and he left the room to retrieve his hat and shoes.

Her gaze fell on the new box of condoms he'd bought sitting on her bedside table.
He didn't say anything about them.
And neither did she.

"Goodbye Avis," he said from the dark morning doorway.
"Goodbye J1," she replied from her bed.

She turned to see him go, but couldn't.
Still, she was sure he could see her.

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