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Halloween is just around the corner and my kids, they're talking about what they will dress up as, who went as what last year and of course they'll change their minds a million times before Halloween! This is exactly why I delay buying or making a costume, this mama has learned from experience of last minute costume changes and minds not really being made up! This does not mean I haven't started looking for healthy Halloween snacks and fun party games to entertain and feed the masses. Whether you're planning a Halloween party or volunteering at your child's school for a celebration these links and ideas are sure fun halloween games for kids and to be helpful for healthier Halloween snacks!

Halloween Games for Kids:

* A favorite site of mine, offers a complete list of fun Halloween games for little ones.
* From witches broom hunts to eye ball bounce Party Game Ideas has you covered!
* Ghoulish games for giggles and laughs all come from Spoonful and they’ll delight both young and old, I promise!

Halloween Ghost Stories and Kids Halloween Costumes:

* offers some spooky ghost stories perfect for autumn camp fires and Halloween sleep overs!
* Spoonful is full of DIY costume ideas or or check out Martha Stewart Living for some other spectacular DIY Halloween costumes! Why spend a fortune?

Healthy Halloween Snacks:

* 8 Healthy Halloween Treats
* Healthy and hauntingly spooky Halloween snacks that will make your kids go yum, not BOO!
* Serving the masses then check out these healthy Halloween desserts, snacks, drinks and side dishes to make everyone happy and not over spooked stuffed!

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