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Children grow up day by day, began to explore the surrounding environment. The child abstract thinking ability training should rely on their parents in the life step by step guide, the next two games truck games for kids) for 3 years old children.

1. Space bearing game preparation: a chair, a toy dog, a toy truck and a paper box. (no toy dog can use other animal toys instead of) methods: parents in the form of a story, the child said: "the dog tired, want to sit on the chair and rest, can you help him?" Do children, parents then edge into the story, the side please children continue to do it: "the dog to rest well, want to jump down from the chair, please help, good, thank you!" "The front to a big Wolf. The dog wanted to hide behind the chair, good, you would be a big help!" "The Wolf went away, the dog to his chair to loop the loop, good, even turn three, true interesting!" "The dog playing tired, come to doze off under the chair, HuLuLu, HuLuLu......" "Oh, he awoke from his sleep and let climb to the truck, take him to go for a ride!" "We'll put the car in front of the chair, and then open to the back of the chair, quite good, then turn around the chair a circle, really great!" "The dog belly hungry, he wants to see paper box in the corner is there eat, take he found a corner, then find another corner, can you tell mom and dad, paper box has several Angle? One, two, three, four, four Angle, right? Right! Oh, in the last corner there is a piece of chocolate, quick to let the puppy eat enough." "Ah, the puppy and ingenuity, want to lie in the chair opposite in the sun, it can be difficult, can you help him think of a way? Yes, as long as the chair turn, upside down once line!" Finally, on behalf of the puppy parents to children expressed his thanks and appreciation.

Meaning: let children in the game process, correct judgment of the different space orientation, grasps the corresponding vocabulary, and can in the future to correctly use in daily life.

2. In the end game using blocks: toothpaste box, bottle caps, chess or CARDS, and other small items. Methods: the small items together with the child in a long line, regard it as a train or the Yangtze river tug, please he tell you where is the head, where is the end, if a reverse, also have no relation, as long as to make sure can. You and the children through the increase or decrease of items to make the train get longer or shorter, make him understand head and tail arrangement is not because the middle increased goods and change, and if he found it hard to understand, can be in head to tail add a markers, redo shorten or lengthen, repeated several times, he mastered! Let the children count the train a total of few sections (a few odd items to order). Ask him: the train intermediate section in where? If he can't find out, but with children take turns to take turn tail section. Then take turn tail, in turn, to the rest of the section. This is the middle of a day! Then let him count themselves away, a few adults to take away, as many, at this time, you can tell him: in the middle of this section to two capita on, are as much. In this way, the child from hand operation in understanding the "intermediate" this concept is how one and the same. Still can let the child at home will be all sorts of different things in an arrangement, such as buttons, wood clip, shoes, toys, constantly ask: which is the head? Which is the tail? Which in the middle?

Meaning: let children master a row or a line in the name of the object position, the child later learning to have the help very much.

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