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TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016
Learning games for kids are the main activities. The game has a very important meaning in the lives of children, work and services for adults like activities. Significance. Younger and favorite games, because the game harmony kids naive childlike and no Makarenko said: to worry without taking into account the nature. Colorful games, to give the child's mind to plug in the fantasy wings enrich their imagination, to deepen their longing for the future. At the same time, the process of the game is also young children to exercise. Learning process of life -- because the game comes from life, through the game, the children began to touch the skin of society, learning-based labor, collaboration, and interpersonal. The game is "playing", in order to have fun, play beautiful children will "rack their brains" to use their brains to find ways to--which mobilized their thinking, stimulate their curiosity and creativity want. As a preschool teacher, how through the organization of a healthy and beneficial activities and games, edutainment, the children happily play in the growth potential of knowledge development, has always been an important issue. In which the kindergarten curriculum and teaching reform, we should straighten out the relationship of three games guidance;

A guiding objective - straighten out the relationship between the outcome goals

Guidance process goals emphasis is to promote young children the main experience obtained in the course of the game, and guidance to get results goal is to promote the overall development of the child care direction. Necessary to prepare the implementation of the two targets are different, but related, process goals to outcome goals reached, an amount of accumulation process, and results achievement of the goals is the inevitable result of the implementation of the process of goal is a qualitative leap. Good results rely on good process, and only focus on results both goals, but also to the process objectives, in order to bring a good result of the guidance.

Guidance content - straighten out the relationship of the essential elements of the basic content

The game is free children activities, the generation of its subject matter, play steps are young children decide for themselves. Topics generated by the children's experience of their environment constraints. Different ages, in different periods, playgroups topics shows great difference. Even in one game, Playgroups content also has change possible. Therefore, the content of the guidance of teachers should not fall on the theme of the game, play the subjective determine how to promote early childhood game content spontaneous generation and development, and should fall on. Fundamental guidance must be to achieve basic aspects: First, the emotional aspects of the guide, mainly to stimulate and maintain the interest of the playgroup; Second, the ability to guide and inspire children to imagine, create, guidance young children to improve game skills, encourage children to friendly cooperation; Third, the quality of the guide, mainly to encourage young children to independence, insisted in the end, etc.; Fourth, the habits of the boot, the main guide children to cherish items. Rationalize the fundamental guiding the relationship between the basic content and help us in guiding activities emphasis on all aspects of the overall guidance of the contents, thus breaking the traditional guidance of a single, narrow confines.

Guidance methods - straighten out the relationship between demand intervention and indirect guidance

Demand intervention and indirect guidance game guiding activities teachers must follow the principle of the former is the first principle to adhere to the premise of the former, the latter must implement in order to obtain better results. Highly the activities of child autonomy, because the game is when the game smoothly, the involvement of the teachers only can be described as a timely help, follow the principle of demand intervention. However, teachers demand the intervention is not equivalent to a moderate guidance. Therefore, after the intervention of the teachers but also indirect guidance, that is the role of guide, supporters and playmate into children being by the guidance, the children in the case of no external pressure to get help, get to meet, by the This natural development of the game to promote early childhood. In fact, demand intervention to solve the timely guidance indirect guidance main guiding moderate.

I remember once fall camp activities, and I took the children to Huguangyan. Originally the park the many electric toys attractive to young children, may be surprising is that most children turn a blind eye to them, have went to play on the beach sand. Some playing the infrastructure left in the sand stones and bricks.

The kids had a good time happy, laughing and chasing some beach, some sand sculpture and a winding mountain, and some in the construction of a small palace, and some in digging tunnels ...... called Taotao and obviously two children, prostrate in the sand, pushing sand to move forward with a brick flat, inside two winding creek behind them. Taotao take a bridge over the river on the bricks and mortar. Obviously you yell the group of children with tree branches and beverage cans made open to the ferry ... this time, some children whispered, the river should have docks, roads, villages, shops, trees, grass, flowers ... I attracted by their bold vision, can not help but say: "The kids, teachers and you build a beautiful small city on the river bank, OK?" kids together applause and shouting to the rushes to open a variety of various kind of a wonderful design. Then, picking up a "work" began to build buildings, markets, docks, stations and airports ... "city. Scale just called Hasty children, toy cars from his pocket, along "riverbank. Side of the "highway" to move up, his mouth flute flute '", the" flute flute "according to the speaker. Suddenly, his car, opened to the river ", issued a" whining "sound, which erupted car into a" ship ". Exercised in the river for a while, the car and up the hill, into the sky - and become the "aircraft", "airplane a dive, landed at the Airport. Hasty happy to jump up and shout:. Successful ! success of the children proudly announced: "I invented the multi-purpose machine to open the road, hill walking, swim in water, flying through the sky!

I was shocked! The Hasty's whimsical how much new and interesting!

Oh! What a beautiful dream! We give the children an their world! Do not worry they "mischief", "mischievous", should encourage them to "wishful thinking" and guide them to explore, to create, to the wings of their dreams, the ideal fly. Because this world is ultimately theirs! If you enjoy this article about kids learning games, you can download and play your learning games for kids, this article originate from the, please indicate the source if retweet, thanks very much!

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