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TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016
We're always very busy here at WordArc, and if you've been watching closely, you've seen some new updates make their way on to the site, in a state of perpetual growth.

Some recent updates we've added:

Weekly podcasts, we're calling WordArc Weekly - where articles submitted by you are discussed by a panel.

There's also now the user directory, which although currently rudimentary will grow in complexity as the site grows with it.

There's also now the option of placing images inline, so they appear within the body of text of your articles, as opposed to the fixed location of the top-left hand corner.

Finally, there is a third item that will be released soon. We're keeping it a bit of a secret now, but we're hoping that with the addition of this feature, overall interactivity will increase.

Stay tuned!
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