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Instead of sleeping with one eye open thinking about blood-sucking bed bugs, you can go back to counting sheep. These Method of dealing with bed bugs focuses on a strategy that you can use safely, efficiently and without the use of heavy poisons and pesticides. You too can use excellent natural methods that have been proven to work time and time again at getting rid of bed bug problems. Once you follow a few simple steps at home or when traveling, your mind will be at ease when you are all tucked in for the night.

Simple Strategy!

Bed bugs can hide in almost any nook and crevice one can find in a room. Seeking and destroying every single one of these bloodsuckers is nearly impossible without the use of extreme measures such as fumigation, direct heat, or well-trained dogs. These methods are nowhere near foolproof. They can force you out of your house for days, cause damage to your belongings, and be very expensive. Professionals also know how difficult it is to get rid of bed bugs. The new generation strands of the creepy-crawly have strong resilience to pesticides, even DDT, and returning to jobs two or three times to finally get rid of the problem is common in 9 out of every 10 infestations. There is an easier way! It is called the barrier technique. And used in conjunction with other methods can put your mind at ease. It is a great way to solve what now seems like a huge problem.

The Barrier Technique Explained!

The barrier technique is a way that can be used by any person to rally round with getting rid of bed bugs. It is a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution that involves protecting you while you sleep so that the bed bugs can’t get their fill, and as a result, will search elsewhere for food. Bed bugs on average try and nosh each five to nine days. Although it has been documented that many species of bed bugs can live for over a year without feeding, the common denominator for serious infestations is the accessibility of a host. Knowing the opponent is one of our utmost artillery. By indulgent with their feeding habits, reproduction, and mobility we can be the victor in the combat against them. Our aim will be to clean them out, seal them out, and be malnourished them out.

3 Steps to Success!

Step one – Clean them out!

The opponent is small, evasive, and a master at hide-and-seek. Step one is the most arduous of the three steps, it involves finding as many of these little buggers as you can and getting rid of them. Get help with this step the extra pair of eyes and hands will come in handy for inspecting for bugs and moving furniture. If you have a handheld vacuum, wield it proudly it will be your first line of defense. Make sure that once vacuumed up, the bugs will not be able to crawl out, and dispose of the bugs in a way that they will not make their way back into the house perhaps, in a sealed plastic bag with a blast of pesticide or diatomaceous earth for good measure.

Remember that these things are great at hiding. Start one room at a time and move slowly from one side of the room to the other without leaving anything unchecked. Make sure to check every nook, cranny, seam, fixture, and piece of furniture scrupulously, and with the intent to seek and destroy.

Removing the bugs at the source will be the most important part of step one. Your bed will be where the majority of bed bugs will be found. Take off all your sheets and put them through a laundry cycle. Once the bed is stripped bare, check the seams and where the ribbing meets the mattress. Flip the mattress up and do a thorough inspection on the other side. Next check the box spring. The underside of the box spring is the bed bugs sanctuary. It is the perfect cove for protection, with regular easy access to a host. You may want to temporarily remove the dust cloth to get access to the bed bugs within. Finally, carefully inspect the bed frame and headboard for bed bugs and remove as many as possible.

Vacuuming is not the end-all of the solutions, because it will be near impossible for it to remove all of the bed bugs and their eggs. So we have to put up some more lines of defence against these bloodsuckers. If you feel confident that you have removed most of the bed bugs move on to step two.

This step is the fun part because you will feel like you are putting up an impenetrable barrier against these pests, which will keep them from biting you in the night. Your bed is going to be your fortress which bed bugs cannot gain access.

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