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People enjoy chewing gum throughout the world but often they don't take care of their proper disposal. Make sure you always throw your chewing gums in the dustbin, not on the floor or carpets. Chewing gum as it is sticky and can get permanently fixed to the fibres of the carpet and as time goes on it can harden and will become difficult to remove easily. Hardened gum can deteriorate the fibres of the carpet and can cause irreversible damage to the carpet. Carry out carpet gum removal from the carpet at home whenever you happen to drop in on the carpet. Carpet gum removal can be carried out in many ways by using substances available at home or the market. Follow this simple guide on how to remove gum from the carpet easily.

Methods of Carpet Gum Stain Removal
Use ice for carpet gum removal as gums have stretching sticking a layer of molecules which are very difficult to remove without calling them. Ice will bring the temperature down and result in minimizing the sticky and stretchy nature of chewing gum. Put some ice cubes in a zip bag and put it directly over to the gum on the carpet. As the temperature drops the gum will become brittle and stiff. Use a knife or a sharp object to pluck off the stiff gum from the carpet. After gum stain removal from the carpet, clean the stained patch by wet cloth and remove remaining gum pieces and dirt sticking around.

Natural Oils
Many natural oils and essential oils have gum dissolving and softening properties, therefore you can use them for carpet gum removal. Pour some oil directly on the gum stain on the carpet. Use a knife to gently pluck of the sticking gum after gum stain removal from the carpet you can use a wet cloth to rub and scrub off the stained patch. If you want to remove the excess of oil rinse the cloth in detergent water solution and clean it further.

Commercial Solvents
Commercial solvents are readily available in the market and you can use them for carpet gum removal. Methyl Salicylate is an excellent chemical used for gum stain removal. This chemical will dissolve and disintegrate the molecular forces making it easier to remove. So pour some solvent directly on the gum stain and use a knife to pluck it away further. For carpet stain removal you can use a cloth rinsed in detergent water and rub off the stained patch on the carpet.

Professional Assistance:
Stains can be the worst form of damage to any carpet installation. Stains will dame and decolourise the carpet fibres in the long run. Ignoring the carpet stain removal can also compromise the hygiene of the carpet. We as a company can provide you with the best carpet stain removal services. We are an established firm in the field of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne. We offer all kinds of carpet cleaning services at low and reasonable costs. We have a highly trained and skilled staff of professional carpet cleaners. Equipped with all the latest tools and modern equipment, we can handle and clean any dirty carpet in no time.

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