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There is no doubt that bed bugs are pesky little beings that you can do without. However, if you live in a place with clement weather, chances are that your house would be infested by bed bugs. This is especially true if you live in rented spaces, or if you live a nomadic life—traveling from one place to another, and sleeping in leased premises which have obviously been used by previous tenants.

These little pests have been around for a very long time – longer than us, certainly. Of course, back in history by mean as recently as when your grandmother was a young woman when life was much less hygienic than it is today, they were an accepted bugbear of life. There really wasn’t a great deal people could do as regards them, except kill them on an individual basis and old remedies for bed bugs included using rubbing alcohol and leaving linen out in the sun to try and dry out the bugs.

If you find yourself suffering from common bed bug attacks at night, it is high time for you to seek solutions. While the best possible remedy is to hire professional pest control services, these may end up burning holes in your pockets. In addition, you lose nothing by resorting to alternative means to control bed bug infestation. Oftentimes, all you need are patience and perseverance.

Bed Bug Removal #1: Turn Up the Heat

One of the ingenious ways of killing bed bugs is to apply heat over the places where they could be found. This does not mean you have to light a fire though. Sometimes, all you need is your handy hairdryer. Set it up to the highest temperature, and blast that heat directly towards the area where bed bugs could be found. The intense temperature makes it impossible for bed bugs to survive. Also, remember to wash your sheets and furniture covers in hot water. This kills the pests and removes the eggs that have stuck on these sheets. The only catch is that this particular remedy requires much effort on your part. Also, if the infestation has already spread out to a large area in your house, using your ordinary hairdryer might not be enough. When this happens, you may want to resort to using your trusty vacuum cleaner. You can also iron your sheets, but this presumes that you should wash them beforehand.

Bed Bug Removal #2: Spray Soapy Water

If you do not like spraying on insecticides and other spray with chemical components on them, you may want to mix your own formulation. You can do this by creating a soapy suds spray. Mix equal parts of water and soap, and transfer this mixture into a bottle with a spray nozzle. You can then make this a good bonding activity with your kids—have them spray into tiny cracks, beneath furniture, and in between fixtures. Not only does this remove bed bugs, but the mixture also kills bed bugs eggs, as well.

Bed Bug Removal #3: Inject Some Steam

Some professional pest control services rely on the power of steam to get rid of bed bugs and to completely ensure that they are gone forever. Just like using the hairdryer, steam uses heat to kill and drive away bed bugs. The only downside is that you do need a substantial amount of steam in order to generate enough heat to fulfill your objectives. However, there is some machinery for sale that you could buy if you want to invest in these gadgets.

Bed Bug Removal #4: Stock up on Petroleum Jelly

If you do not mind the sticky feel of petroleum jelly, you may want to spread some on the legs of your beds and the panels of your furniture. This is because bed bugs cannot crawl on these smeared surfaces, so they end up being trapped. You then lessen the possibility of them proliferating in the other areas of your house. Apart from this, you may also want to use a small amount of petroleum jelly on your bites, as this amazing ointment has tendencies to soothe bites. Be careful, however, especially if you have small children in your house as they may slip and fall, owing to the sticky surfaces.

While it is true that bed bugs are pesky, irritating and sometimes could make you go wild, the truth is that you are not left helpless. While saving up for professional Pest Control Melbourne services, you could do your part in reducing and even eventually eliminating their numbers. You just have to commit to doing all the tips mentioned above, and do them repeatedly.

You can even involve your whole family in the process! That way, they would understand that combating bed bugs demands family effort and that you can all do so much when you do things together. Remember though, the basic rule when dealing with pests such as bed bugs: cleanliness is key.

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