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Kids like poopsicle too much but on the other hand, while eating popsicles they can leave dark or nasty stains on your carpet flooring. Popsicle stains can be effortless to remove when you clean them on the spot. But if you are ignoring them continuously, stains can be hard and can be fixed into the carpet fibre. So, if you notice any kind of stain on your carpeting, take quick action to remove them. Fortunately, you can also lease our experts. We have the best techniques to remove any kind of stains. Our experts provide the best carpet cleaning services according to customer preference. You also have the option to buy retail stain removal products from any nearest store. But while being costly these items don't fit into all budgets. And, we have excellent methods and best guidelines by which you will be able to remove carpet stains like a pro.

Easy Steps to Remove Red Popsicles from Carpet
* Make a homemade cleaning solution: Hydrogen peroxide is a useful remedy and you can use it as a carpet stain remover. Just, you have to fill a spray bottle with equal quantity of water and hydrogen peroxide. Then, shake well this mixture to dissolve up properly. Cornstarch will also work upon the stain. You can use it by sprinkling on the stain and after 30..40 minutes, can clean it with water.

* Apply this mixture over the affected area. You have to apply this mixture over the stained area. After spraying the mixture, leave it for 2 or 3 hours to work upon. Just a few spritzes are enough to moisturize the stained area. If the stain is old and difficult to remove, approach our cleaners for getting carpet stain removal services.

* Use a carpet brush for scrubbing. You have to scrub the stained area gently to make popsicles stains lighten. You can use a damp sponge to scrub the remaining stain out of the carpet.

* Rinse the area with clean water. For complete carpet sanitization, rinse the area by using clean water. Avoid harsh scrubbing because it can damage your carpet and cause a carpet to loosen.

* Dry up the carpeting: After removing the stain, allow the carpeting to dry up thoroughly. If you leave your carpet wet, the mould can be grown into the carpet’s fibre. So, make sure that your carpet is completely dried.

* Vacuum your carpet. Vacuuming is a crucial part of cleaning. It makes your carpet dust-free. You can also apply vacuum cleaner regularly to keep your carpet clean and neat. For other types of carpet stain removal services, you can lease our professional carpet cleaners. Our carpet cleaners can perform carpet cleaning on an urgent basis.

Get Commercial Carpet Cleaning at Affordable Prices
Yes, we are providing our professional carpet cleaning services in commercial areas too. Back 2 New Cleaning is a recognised company and delivers the Best Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. You can avail our services at any time and anywhere in Brisbane. You can also contact us for same-day cleaning as we have enough staff to complete the customer’s requirements for carpet cleaning.

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