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Whenever you paint the interior of your house, the last thing left behind is paint spilled on your carpet. Paint stain is to be considered the most damaging stain on the carpet if not treated immediately.

During the time of home renovation or room, renovation carpets can get paint stains accidentally. But you can revive your carpet if you treat the stain when it is wet and if paint stain is dry already then your carpet has encountered damage. You can ask professional carpet cleaning services for removing stains from your carpet, but if you are not willing to ask professionals for your help then you can remove the stains on your own with the help of the following tips:

Tips To Remove Water Based Paint Stains
Stains from water-based paints can be removed by simply blot and dry method. You need to follow the steps provided below for effective carpet stain removal:
- You need to scrape spilled water-based paint as much as possible. You can use a dull knife or spoon to scrape the paint away.
- Blot over the stain to absorb excess paint, you can use a sponge or cloth dipped in water to blot over the stained area. While blotting the stain move from the outer side of stain to the inner side.
- Prepare a mixture by mixing dishwashing detergent and warm water. Now blot the stained area with this mixture. You can use a sponge or any clean cloth to blot the stain.
- Repeat the same process until all the paint is removed from the carpet and then rinse the carpet with water for carpet cleaning.
- Blot the wet part of the carpet to make it dry or you can also let it dry in the open air.

Tips To Remove Oil Based Paint Stains
As compared to water-based stains these stains are harder to remove and can never be removed by just using water and detergent. To get rid of oil-based paint stains, dry cleaning solvent is used for carpet stain removal. Steps to remove oil-based paint stains from your carpet:
* You can pour a little amount of dry cleaning solution on the stained area. And dab the area using a clean towel or rag.
* Blot the stained area several times from outer part of stain to inner stain.
* Spray the detergent solution on the stained area and blot it to absorb the solution. The maximum amount of paint will get removed this time.
* Rinse the carpet with water and blot it to dry. And resist stepping on it until it is completely dry to avoid any further carpet damage.

How Can We Help You?
If your carpet has encountered paint stains due to any accident or other reason and you need to get rid of these stains then, Back 2 New Cleaning can help you to get rid of the stains. We have a team of professionals who are always ready to assist your Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide. You can contact Back 2 New Cleaning for any query and problem related to carpet stain removal.

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